Finally they came to their senses. More nations would have been a logistical nightmare especially for such a bad climate.

This is a big ferk you ro African teams which would have benefited more. Ironical since we have the most members in FIFA

FIFA ni meffi. Europe gets 13 slots yet Africa tunapewa just 5 slots. And God knows some African countries can ferk some of those European nations in a fair match. Hata sisi tukipewa akina Malta tunaweza wakamua mbaya mbofu

Unajaribu kusema nini?

what I have just said

:smiley: H star, crane…lions of teranga, s/eagles ni meffi kama wewe

Anyway it must be really awesome. I was in Quatar twice and was really enchanted how comfortable, clean and luxirious this country looks like. I have never met bad service or shitty cafes or hotels… So you have a chance not only enjoying football but also discover something totally new

For the same exact reason you probably watch the UEFA champions league, epl and other European leagues. Europe attracts more sponsorship money.

Even ASIA gets only 5 slots yet they have 47 members.

Is kenya that bad compared to huko?

African football federations must support an African candidate during FIFA Elections. Starting the race with 53 votes in your pocket you have a big head start