Pygmy's are evidence that Negros are animals

Pygmies around the world are short in life expectancy as well as height, with the average adult dying at 16-24 years of age. Only 30-50% of children survive to the age of 15 and less than a third of women live to see menopause at 37. Taller African groups like the Ache or Turkana have lower adult mortality and twice the average lifespan, and compared to them, the pygmies’ pattern is closer to that of chimps.

No wonders Negro bonobos in the Congo have hunted and eaten them to almost near extinction

It is true!!!

Sasa ngoja @Yunomi alete press statement from Wakanda Kingdom.

“I strongly and vehemently oppose… I have 20k + African pride and self esteem…”

Speak for yourself
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[SIZE=7]fake racist news…[/SIZE]


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