Puzzles no-one

These five seamen are having dinner in a government quarantine facility. They are paying 2k per day. The government will tell you, the clueless masses quarantine is free, but its not free. Those in quarantine facilities know its not free. I thank God the sweet smell of a revolution is in the air. things will never be the same again.[ATTACH=full]301495[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]301496[/ATTACH]

I would escape quarantine. Bonobos can’t revolt. They love being oppressed.

we will revolt once WSR takes over.

I’ll repeat it myself. It makes zero sense to Quarantine just anybody you find off the streets because of curfew.

Testing should be done immediately they are checking into the facility. If positive. Full Quarantine isolated from others. If negative facility ingine so they don’t catch infection that’s cheaper and won’t last as long. Administer another test before they leave

The ones in the true Quarantine centers should be free of charge. It benefits all of us for them to be quarantined and away from society until cleared. If the cost wasn’t prohibitive all cases would go in and spend the entire time there till there’s no new cases. But instead when they see the way the centers are run. People mistreated. No tests. Among drunks waliletwa juu ya curfew. 2 k per day which rhe normal mwananchi cannot afford, loss of income.

Being sick and going into Quarantine should be incentivized otherwise they’ll be this whole cat and mouse game.

They can talk about the billions they’ve spent on blah blah blah. But the Quarantine centers and their conditions should be the main focus.