puzzles no-one

The initial cost of printing the new currency notes was KShs 5 billion. They raised it to KShs 15 billion after announcing demonetisation and claiming the new notes are made of polymer which will make them last three times longer than the old cotton ones.

Now retailers are complaining about the poor quality of the material used in new notes. Is there anything in this country which is not a scam?

"Small Medium Businesses have launched their complaints about the quality of the material used on the ‘new currency notes’.

De La Rue,bank note printing firm which won the tender to print Kenyan currency in Nairobi,Kenya,had said “it was adding the fresh coat that will see paper money stay longer before getting defaced.

“Sometimes changes need to be embraced by Kenyans but truth be told,the new notes hardly last being new before they wear out and tear. One has to be extra careful when getting the money from the pocket especially the hundred and fifty shilling notes,” Bancy Muthoni a food vendor in Nairobi said.

She added that water is an enemy to the new currency notes since the moment it gets in touch with it there are higher chances of the notes tearing in just a few days or even immediately." The Star