putting the record straight.

Let me put the record straight, at no one time did I cordon/ OK the killing of Blacks in America.
My crime was to Sympathize with the families of the cops that were wounded and killed.
I get terrified whenever I see Black’s being massacred, am black to, and I have family members in different states.
I believe in the rule of law, though, the justice system hasn’t been that forthcoming.
Systems fail, same way the judicial system in Kenya have failed us. Corruption and police brutality in Kenya have killed far more Kenyans, than the cops in The US have killed black People.
So, Ladies and Gentlemen, where is your voice on this.

I here you…My main issue is people thinking that just because they are in America, they are better than guys back in Kenya.

Its a global chieth.What i dont understand is how someone decided anothers life aint worthy.

I will neither celebrate the death of a racist/racism benefactor nor mourn them.
I will stay indifferent/appear so until the root of the killings is addressed.
The same applies to tribal and monetary plus other secret agenda killings in Kenya.

Mkubwa wekea sisi haki yetu bwana.

You don’t have to. Guys here will always insult you when you differ in opinion. You just ignore them and stick to your position. No need to get worked up coz of hood rats.

Wapi facts & figures omela? On police brutality and killings in Kenya and the USA in its over 200 years of existence?

uko uteto na una masaa ya kutuwekea jumatitis plus unalogin al day long…God Bless America…


exactly!!! An injustice anywhere should be an injustice everywhere.

Just passing by.

ok first off, the word is condone.
secondly, it’s an AMERICAN problem. you think those black idiots give a shit about real Africans?
we have our own issues. that one is theirs. si tupambane na yetu.