Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing

Yaani a married woman being a work mule is a very dangerous thing. @Purple I don’t want you to miss this, I know you are a great Trump supporter. I like any man who makes me laugh so I’m looking forward to another four years of Trumps bafoonery. It’s like a cartoon but funnier. He reminds of a guy I knew as a child, Bogi Benda the American version.


:rolleyes: @TrumanCapote its buffonery my love.

Have those thirsty men stopoed inboxing you my sweet lady?

They’ve transferred to my FB, but let’s not talk about them,cough, my allergies, how are you, you mogul, you. Me I don’t use those cheap sweet nothings. I prefer mogul. Tell em to familiarize themselves with this song b4 cumming to my inbox.