Putler exchanges Azov commanders for a corrupt oligarch

[SIZE=7]Ukraine, Russia conduct huge prisoner swap[/SIZE]
Kyiv and Moscow have conducted a major prisoner swap, with 215 Ukrainian and foreign fighters released in exchange for more than 50 Russian prisoners, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced overnight on Wednesday.

The prisoner swap included nearly 200 soldiers who defended Mariupol and its Azovstal steelworks, in exchange for 55 Russian soldiers and pro-Kremlin Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, a close Putin ally.


These Azov battalion soldiers are the ones you have been calling Nazis from day one. So I need you to explain how Putler is ever going to “denazify” Ukraine if he keeps releasing them. 5 top Azov commanders have been released in addition to British citizens who had been “sentenced to death”. @Wanaruona hapa uko na kazi ngumu sana ya kuspin this news

The only reason that prisoner swap happened is because a Russian G was being held captive. Bila huyo Oligarch hakuna exchange ingefanyika because the rest are just pawns.

56 Russians are worth 215 hohols :smiley:

I like how you conveniently ignored the fact that there was an oligarch among those Russians.

The vice around putins gonads is getting tighter. At the current rate atamalizwa kama kabila


Kwani Andrew Tate hakufunzi maths na logic? 55 russian soldiers + 1 oligarch= 56 Russians.

That would be true if this was the first prisoner swap.

Ptlutin should nuclear this war

Spoken like the pea-brain that you are …

Nuclear Wars are neither sustainable nor winnable …and in the long term will affect even YOU directly…


Putin does not actually fire those weapons …
He can only order them to be fired …
Whether his field commanders ( …who are already fed up with him … ) will actually do it is questionable …

We say bring it on, let’s nuke ukraine and watch how far the west are willing to go for them. i bet they don’t nuke back for risk of a mutual nuking

First respond to this,


Then defend your Matriarchal Society,

Dawn has arrived.

Putin is a stupid , mad , off-the-wall tyrant dictator but ordinary Russians have no stomach for any War …
Let alone a Nuclear War … :D:D:D


This is Putin’s Afghanistan …
The beginning of the End … :D:D



Fake shit en en propaganda