Putin's Hero's

If this is the best Putin can do , he better end this nonsense early …


I maintain my prediction …
By this coming Summer , it will be Game Over …:D:D:D



These are hired actors.

Rudi kwa mambo ya malaya wenye matako kubwa kijana. Nilikuambia hii Ukraine-Russia haitaki low-iq

So this wicked Putin Invasion of a Sovereign Independent Nation is a fun video game in your “well informed” opinion …???

Shenzi Kabisa …:mad::mad:


Of course it is. If Putin was to install his troops in Mexico, the U.S would do the same exact thing i.e invade Mexico.

Cuban missile crisis ring any bells? What of the sanctions on Hugo Chavez?

Kijana …

I will let a well Informed legend here explain it to you like he would to a 4 year old …


I hope you got it now … :D:D:D