Putin's friend, Lukashenko at State House Nairobi

These guys rarely leave their country, what’s happening?


Actually concerned by the piqued interest in Kenyan affairs by world movers. I don’t think these visits are in good faith. Juzi UK na US delegates walitembelea uhuru kwake. Leo Russia wamekuwa kwa nabii. My danger senses are tingling.


Belarus ni wapi

Neighbor of Ukraine and Russia. Russia strongest friend

Ama ni loan anapeana

I mean …are they rich

Maybe wawasaidie na ukulima. Those Eastern European countries are very huge on agriculture and they feed the Whole of Western Europe. Also their agriculture is highly mechanized.

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Not that rich but they are very successful farmers. They can help modernize and mechanize Kenya’s ailing agricultural sector. Si uliona Ukraine was feeding people even while it was on war?.

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