Am just wondering if Putin f’ucks. He must be suffering from a serious Ed.

He is similar to the dog @Tauren , blue balls make dog @Tauren to have mood swings like a pregnant dog since they share some dna .
Putin = @Tauren barking at Ukraine like a real dog fighting a squirrel just like homosexual @Tauren who was picked up by a well-wisher in a toilet his momma damped him.
@Tauren your momma knew well you are a disappointment the moment you sucked your first breath.

Uliacha kutomba yule bibi yako ananuka kuma?


Umeffi thread

Vile umefikria ni Putin watano, strategy 1 iki fail

bondia niaje

Niko chonjo mblo, unafungua lock na kutombana Ama konyagi