Putin taking down Ukraines media..


Hawa wako na bahati bado wako na stima na internet. Musito Putin has shown extreme restraint so far.

Nmeona aftermath pale telegram. Nyama choma buana

very scary banaeee . Zelensky akunje mkia and save the population such

extreme restraint, you say? what about full restraint senior, any leads on what we are looking at?

akunje by kufanya?
ukraine is a sovereign country.
putin ameguess… russia can go start its own world someplace else then…

Angalia Iraq, Syria, Lybia … uone what full scale invasion mean.

Ukrainian are paying for making foolish decision when they voted a clone.

And just like that Corona ended. No one talking about it.

Ukraine will at some point give the west an ultimatum that if they are not getting support they are quitting the fight… I don’t see the point of fighting alone in a war they obviously cannot win… they will let the decision of starting WWW3 or not be between NATO and Russia… why should they suffer… I see this crisis blowing up very badly over the next several weeks or months, GOD HELP US!!

Share link ya hiyo Telegram channel bana

Zelensky should just surrender

Europeans sometimes ni wajinga sana always being swayed by the whims of a country in a different continent. Alafu they can’t see that American interference always leaves them pants down. The US in the Middle East and Libya inawaletea millions of refugees. And now we have 1 million Ukrainian refugees at the EU’s doorstep because Germany and co lost their balls after the 2nd World war.