Putin : Living in a Glass House

If I were Putin , I would be extremely worried …

  1. The ill advised Invasion of Ukraine has gone horribly wrong after only 30 days …
  • massive casualties.
  • stalled advances and setbacks on the battlefield.
  • troop defections and low morale of Russian Forces.
  • Ukraine fighting back like Madmen to defend their Nation.
  1. NATO stronger and more unified than ever before.
  • the hoped for disintegration did not happen.
  • several states now seeking membership.
  • increased defense and war preparation spending by all members.

And NATO has not yet even fired one shot in this war … :D:D


If the vastly far more superior NATO forces were to join this fray , how long would Russian Forces survive without resorting to Nuclear options … ??? :D:D

As at today , a relatively small covert force of Apache Helicopter Gunships can neutralize the Russian Rocket launchers and artillery around Kyiv , Mariopol and Odessa in one quick strike under cover of darkness before the confused Russians even know what is going on … :D:D


Russian tanks , APC’s and Helicopters are sitting ducks for Ukrainian MANPAD’s and anti-Tank missiles …

The writing is on the wall … :D:D:D

UKRAINE was just a scapegoat.
America & NATO were the target but since they " don’t" get the message, North korea will irritate them by firing a missile to pro America ally territory for the Homos to get the message.

Incase they don’t get the 2nd signal Too, China will act recklessly to open their eyes and mind.

If again for a dozen time they will pretend to be blind, India and other allies will force America & NATO to act. Then Homosexuality, parasitism & broken families will be end permanently.

How nice …
I hope they also sweep up the Morons , Nincompoops , Gaaayys and Juvenile Misfits in here … :D:D

To kill a snake, you first start by hitting the head repeatedly until it dies, then the rest of the body will die sloooowly without hitting.

The CIA setup Putin, for meddling in American politics and imposing a puppet Trump who would get USA out of NATO and thereby render Russia and its allies (read China) very powerful in Europe and with a lot of influence in Asia. He was baited, and he took it hook, line and sinker. America never forgets.

You are not Putin. You are just a lonely njaruo somewhere in Mbita.

And you probably suffer from a venereal disease.

After all is said and done US will likely remain a super power…They are the one dealing in their issues directly, wewe niku aggregate tu news na kutufanyia armchair analysis and summaries…They have enough strategists and of course the best intelligence gathering to know what to do…so just sit back and let the new world order unfold usiforce hizi theories as a must happen

What is in it for you brother? You can clearly see Ukraine has been bettered and battered but you keep singing here how they are fighting back. How are they fighting back when most of their cities’ key infrastructure have been flattened. There’s nothing Ukrainians are doing, they have lost this war…All it takes is for Russia to just release their latest weapons and Ukraine will be no more.Russia has approached this war with a lot of restraint(which you clearly haven’t noticed.)