Putin is dead

It has now been confirmed by the cnn Putin is no more… what next now?

“Confirmed by CNN” = Mickey Mouse
Give us a better source
I can’t find any other similar news on the internet.


Zima hio kit @Mosa de

Kim Jong also died in 2016 according to credible SHITNN


Upuss! Mzito Putin bado ana-denazify Ukraine

@Mosadeh wapi rink?


It’s an FSB ( KGB ) disinformation campaign…

All those stories of Terminal Illnesses and pending medical procedures are just crap to deviate your minds from the job at hand …

Putin has many enemies within Russia who want to see him gone …
A power struggle is already in process …

FSB must be really great at their job if they can give disinformation through the MI6.

Msito Putin ako ngangari as we continue with the campaign to de-nazify Ukraine

In your wet dreams … :D:D