PUTIN CONTINUES TO COLONISE BELARUS AND THEIR ELECTIONS. Ktalk Team Russia maintains that Russia has never colonised anyone.i

This is Belarus. Population, over 9.4 million.


Belarus is a former Russian colony or sattelite state. Belarus is about a third the size of Kenya at about 207,695 square km. (Kenya is 580, 367 square Km.)

As you can see from the map above all these Russian colonies still are or were just a fence to protect Russia from invasion. The idea was that the lower slavic races could die first before the invader made it to Moscow.

If you attacked the USSR by land you would have had to first take down this massive fence to get to Russia. As such Belarus lost half it’s population during WW2 as Hitler made his way to Russia through Belarus.

In 1918 Belarus became a democracy. They experienced democracy for one year before Stalin invaded and swallowed them up into the USSR.

In 1991 Belarus again enjoyed some independence and democracy after the USSR was dissolved but by 1994 they had been returned back to the proverbial Egypt after Alexander Lukashenko won the 1994 election heavily influenced by Russia.

This is Alexander Lukashenko. He is Putin’s puppet and caretaker of the Belarus, Putin colony.


Lukashenko has been President of Belarus since 1994 and rules with an iron fist supported by Putin. He is described as the last dictator of Europe. The media in Belarus is non existent/tightly controlled. Protests are not tolerated.

This below is the flag of Belarus. As you can see it is still red to symbolise communism.

The Green stands for the forests of Belarus. Belarus is 40% forests.

The white motif is the traditional weaving design.


This below is the former communist flag of Belarus from 1951 to 1991. As you can see the puppet Lukashenko only removed the USSR star, sickle and hammer in a sham 1995 referendum :


This below is the real flag of the people of Belarus i.e the white-red-white flag. It is actually known as the white-red-white flag.

It is a common and ancient slavic traditional flag found amongst slavic populations e.g in Belarus, Poland and most of Eastern Europe :


It was used by the ancient slavic warriors/knights. This was also the flag used in 1918 during democracy and again from 1991 to 1994. After the puppet Lukashenko took over he returned the communist flag in a fake 1995 referendum.

As expected this white flag above is banned in Belarus and Russia. :D:D:D

As expected this is also the flag that political protestors use to piss off the puppet and his master Putin :


The people of Belarus desire democracy but they know it is impossible to get as long as Russia remains their next door neighbor. Putin is of course scared that if there was democracy in Belarus it would infect his country and therefore he is going after all the former USSR colonies to delete their democracy . He has already captured Crimea and Ukraine. Poland is next. Poland is trying very hard to fight Putin. Belarus is more or less a lost cause.

On Sunday August 9 this year, Belarus held a sham election. Lukashenko awarded himself over 80% victory.:rolleyes:

There were immediate protests from the opposition. Putin and Lukashenko have crashed the protestors thoroughly and mercillesly.

The nation is on the brink of a disaster. Thousands have been arrested or “disappeared” communist style as you can see in the second video below.

As expected Lukashenko blames the “west” for instigating protests yet he just stole an election! Talk of diversion and whataboutist Soviet propaganda.:rolleyes:

The opposition leader is Siarhei Leanidavich Tsikhanouski.


When he declared his intention to run for presidency in May this year, 2 days later he was jailed. :D:D:D:D:eek::eek::eek::rolleyes::rolleyes:

He was later released. He mainly campaigned via Youtube. His slogan was “stop cockroach!” And his symbol the slipper that slaps the cockroach. :smiley:

The cockroach in this sense is a bearded dictator character from a traditional Belarus fairy tale who intimiditated all animals and became their ruler. The roach represents Lukashenko the bearded dictator and the slipper is the pesticide against the roach.

A few days after his release he was again rearrested and no one knows where he is currently detained with his slippers movement.

Of the remaining two opposition members, one was also arrested, while the other escaped into hiding outside Belarus.

After being jailed, Siarhei’s wife Sviatlana Heorhiyeuna Tsikhanouskaya decided to run in her husband’s place.


She campaigned mainly by social media while in hiding. On election day she was detained under house arrest. She says she won this election by at least 60% of the vote.

The story goes that she immediately fled to Lithuania after protests started and that Putin ordered Lithuania to place her under house arrest where she currently is.

In reality Putin is the one who ordered that she be deported to Lithuania and held there until he crashes the revolt.





All these socialist leaders that ktalk Team Russia Team China support know that if legitimate elections were held in their countries, they would all be sent home. That is why they use force to keep demicracy out.

That is why they have all locked up their countries from social media and that is also why they destroy any opposition.

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Slavic women were often kidnapped even by moors wanapelekwa Africa as slaves and concubines because of their beauty. Wengine wanapelekwa Arabia na Afghanistan.

Hence the word slave from slavic or slavs.




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Hivyo ndio mambo iko. Your heroes Putin and Lukashenko don’t have the guts to compete in a simple election. Hadi wanafungia competition jela.

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Same tactics used to say Hongong Taiwan are not chinese.

Russia wouldn’t touch Poland because it means war with Germany. The possibility of Russia winning war with Germany without external help from China or some other power is slimmer than it was in 1942. Forget the nuclear blah blah. The warheads would hardly leave the ground.

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