Putin Atalipua Nyuklia Pende Msipende

This is the shit that triggers nuclear war. NATO keeps sending weapons to Ukraine, delaying Putin’s victory. Opening up opportunities for anarchists to break into plutonium stores and steal it. The longer this victory is delayed, the more dangerous for the world. Ukraine sio Afghanistan. They’re not a binch of goat herders. There are dangerous nazis with PhDs in nuclear physics who have been begging for this day to come


11days and Kyiv is still standing.


Putin didnt anticipate this :GAME THEORY

Baghdad stood for 14 days against the combined might of the US and UK.

And Iraq was receiving no assistance unlike Ukraine that is receiving tonnes of weapons every day.

Stick to your shitty clickbaits makamasi. Putin doesn’t need nukes to defeat Ukraine.

And also the sheer size of ukraine , almost twice iraq. Putin is actually way more restraint than anyone would expect

War is dangerous. I hope our lifetime we never experience that here in kenya. Thank God we have peace .peace is paramount.

Can you imagine having to leave your apartment in Riverside drive to another country like Uganda to start a new life with your young family…

Personally I don’t understand why ukraine president cannot call putin and surrender…if baba and uhuru greeted each other for the sake of peace why can’t zelensky do it…

What is this enmity BTW the two that people would rather die than make amends …

Those nato friends zelensky thinks he has are not genuine. Wazungu are the fakest people to rely on.they are fake and fake and very good pretenders

And remember that was carpet bombing. If Putin went Grozny on these Ukrobots, they’d not last a day.

They are moving slowly to allow civilians to escape. But ukraine govt is blocking civilians from escaping war zone to use them as shields. Israel president met putin, let us hope Ukraine will accept russia demands

A good friend is one who corrects you when you make mistakes