Putin Appeals to Common Sense

Yukrane widows and orphans protesting the forced kidnappings and disappearance of their men, husbands, brothers, fathers, cousins, sons, nephews and neighbors. See the little boys holding photos of their dads who they will never see again. All of them died in a loosing war. In vain.

Again common sense returning to the ordinary yukranian, but not so in other yuropeans and in @rexxsimba

Graves of those killed in action are increasing in number. Till fakenews lamestream anti russia media outlets are forced to acknowledge the fact. The mortality rate in the armed forces of yukrane is staggering. All in a loosing war.

Common sense returning to the ordinary yukranian. Not so in other yuropeans and in @rexxsimba

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@rexxsimba analyse those 3 videos above for simple guys like me. Interpret them to show yukrane is winning this war. I’m not promising to read your analysis but just do so. When I find others current news I will be more than happy to share with you for more analyses.

For those afraid of clicking links, here is the lucky yukranian. Now he is alive, not dead. Thankful that he heeded mzito putins call for common sense to prevail.

@rexxsimba the counteroffensive is going on well. Nato training is paying off - to putin. This is not how your side will win this war. Kindly let common sense prevail. Just how putin has advised.

:black_medium_small_square:Ukrainian soldiers were walking back to their positions, but they didn’t know that the russians took them shortly before. They walk straight into a Russian soldier who shoots the first Ukrainian at point blank, then a second Ukrainian militant gets confused and starts helping the Russian soldier to fight against the rest of Ukrainian soldiers and even throws a grenade at them, at the end the Ukrainian brigade retreats under heavy fire and the single Russian man manages to capture two Ukrainians, including the one who was helping him.

Yet another one. Mobile phone company in yukrane has had a brilliant brainwave to motivate yukranians.

Mobile operator “Kyivstar” launched a campaign to send an SMS with the word “thank you” to a killed AFU. This money will go to charity.

According to the mobile operator, which has its own database of contacts, such messages “will never be answered by 400,000” subscribers. They may be the kia subscribers.

@rexxsimba please let common sense prevail. Long winded fictional analyses aint helping. They are fit for movies, not real life.

@kipuke :
As the Putin 72 hour Special Military Operation approaches its second anniversary maybe Putin needs to take his own advise …
He better also forget about an expanded conflict with NATO …


All his citizens might emigrate before it starts … :grin:

Give a source less biased. It will be more credible. Or better still give a pro putin source painting gloom over Putin’s adventures in yukrane. Now that will be a scoop!

Lakini fakenews lamestream media, cnn of all of them! Predicting the collapse of their object of hate…C’mon bana. Halafu dated October 9, 2022. Almost 1 yr ago. A lot has changed since then.

Like this. Even little school girlies in cute uniforms are behind the war effort. Sending missives of encouragement to their defenders on the front.

Halafu missive inafikia defenders at the front. Wanasoma what the patriotic girls and boys have written to encourage them halafu wanapandwa na mori halafu wanafyatua risasi like nonsense on yukrane nazis. Halafu cnn inasema russians wanatoroka.

I’m trying to say the overwhelming majority of russians dig this war. Wachana na fakenews lamestream cnn for news about russia. Watch cnn if you want news about democrats only.

So …
Russian Putin controlled Media is more credible than Independent media …
Everything else is “propaganda” …
Interesting …!! :grin:

Nimeweka hiyo coz umeweka cnn. Lakini cnn bana! Hata kama hakuna news zengine. You’re sure hakuna outlets zengine? Sample cnn headlines over several months about bhakmut…

Meanwhile yukrane soldiers are coming around to common sense taking in putins advise and choosing to live and leave behind burning nato panzers and strykers.

@rexxsimba others are driving supplies right to russians and surrendering with brand new, freshly delivered nato equipment to putin.

Let common sense prevail bana.

Hehehe …
Your brave Russians surrenderinf to Drones … :grinning:

Yes, there have been losses and deaths and captivity of russians. No denying that. But the overall trajectory of the war is loss for yukrane. That is the main thing, yes?

Oh, and by the way, bhakmut fell to who?

Nope …
No Occupying Invader in modern times ever won the War …
You can tell Putin that … :grinning:

That is a more appropriate message to yuess. They have experience in loosing invasions of vietnam, Afghanistan, iraq, syria, somalia, cuba and etc.

Big Picture gani.

Occupying what.

It’s a former SSR State, and the East is basically Russian.

But as Stated, let the Battlefield decide.

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putin is waging a war against an entire country plus its alies si donbas peke… war is made up of battles