Putin announces partial mobilization

[SIZE=7]Putin calls up 300,000 reservists, makes nuclear threat[/SIZE]


So 300,000 soldiers to be deployed then akamaliza na the usual the hymn ya “we have nukes, we will nuke you”.

Ile kitu mi nashindwa ni putlerstans wamekuwa wakituambia that 1,000,000 ukranians are being killed every week and another 1,000,000 are mass surrendering every Friday. Sasa why do you need extra troops? @Wanaruona labda unaeza tuambia. Lakini inakaa things are not going according to plan.

By announcing a mobilization Putler admits that it’s no longer a “special operation” but a full blown war. Therefore his “special operation” is a failure.
Ni hayo tu kwa sasa. Slava Ukraini!

Ngojea Kwanza we annex Lugansk,Donetsk, Zaporozhye,Kherson oblast. Halafu mutupe hizo bombs zenyu ni new Russian territory. We are going nuke.

Putin is following the same trajectory as Hitler

Sasa unataka kujifanya haujui Ukraine has been shelling Belgorod? Mbona hawakurusha nukes at that time? Ama Belgorod sio Russia?

on saturday watarusha emp watu wamezoea stima warudi stone age

Hii vita putin awachane nayo. He can negotiate with china so that they start fake skirmishes in Manchuria. He then can have an excuse to hurriedly withdraw from Ukraine and cart all troops and equipment to the more “urgent” defence operations in Manchuria. They can then have a public sit down with Xi and shake hands.

The King is Black.
The King is from the East.
The King is the Lion.

Watu wa Meggido, tulipack 2018.

Kiev was a product of Western-induced Russophobia.

“For decades [the West] has intentionally fostered hatred towards Russia, first and foremost in Ukraine, which they envisioned as a foothold against Russia. The West turned the Ukrainian people into cannon fodder and pushed them to a war against our country,” Putin said. He stated that the ongoing conflict started in 2014, when an armed coup in Kiev toppled Ukraine’s elected government.

Putin alifanya blunder kitambo. He would have overrun the country hapo ivo Feb.

Saa hii akuwe serious ndio people start taking him seriously.

WW III getting Hot.

Never heard cringier takes in my life comparing Putin to Hitler.

Belgorod is border town. Mna shell Ukrainian side. Kesho kutwa ni referendum. Lazima we annihilate homosexuals without mercy.

Hehehehe, there’s something you bonobos who are drunk on NATO propaganda don’t know.
Russia is outnumbered in Ukraine 3 to 1. They only have 200,000 troops as opposed to ukronazis 600,000
When invading you need to have a ratio of 3:1 so ideally, Russia should have committed 1.8 million troops to take over Ukraine.

The first step was to degrade the Ukrainian military and they have done that task vey very then get in as winter sets in and knock-out whatever is remaining of hohols. Ukraine has mobilized fully and people are being arrested to go and fight.

Something else bonobos don’t know is that Russian troops are not fully engaged in Ukraine. The overwhelming majority of fighting is done by Wagner private military contractors and the ocal Donbas militia. Russian role is limited to heavy artillery and air support.

Putin was very reluctant to go all in but his hand has been forced. Expect to see destruction of the nation previously known as Ukraine. It will get very ugly.

Liberals would say Trump is worse than Hitler if they could

awa wazungu waacha kutusumbua kama watanukisha ni sawa.

We are annexing the donbass and donetsk by tomorrow. After that, we shall attack with full nuklia any nato mmaaafakas who send bombs to be used in our sovereign territory. Mara hii mtahara brarry noggles

He will Start WW3, kumbe :D:D:D:D:D

A nuclear war in Europe and North America would be the best outcome for Africa

Someone gets it, thanks.

russia watatupa bomb na usa watatuma counter attack, zikutane zianguke africa banae

mimi niko na PrEP ya mbaka 2027 so niko sawa
na wale wa arv? watafanyeje?