putin and potus have your country's destiny at their fingertips

everyday you must bow down and worship at the feet of putin and obama. hawa watu wanaweza press one button and your entire country goes extinct. hebu ona vile hiroshima and nagasaki are just tiny dots na vile ziliua watu wengi.

i’m just glad the fanatical religious regimes in the gulf are not the ones who have these weapons. wangekuwa wana angushia nchi yeyote ina host mtu ametukana dini yao.


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Economic power is greater than military power in my opinion. Cuba could be so developed right now had they not sided with Russia. Saa hii in Cuba getting internet in the capital city Havana is a luxury of the few. Economic power is the difference between US and Russia. After Russia invaded Ukraine, US and EU placed sanctions on Russia mpaka Putin felt the heat. The Russian Rubu lost value halafu kwa bahati mbaya oil prices fell. Ikabidi Putin atulize otherwise Ukraine would be a province of Russia today. Apan Cheza na Uncle Sam


Upuss …And why would they nuke us, your reasoning nikama ya mtoto wa class one

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There are many other countries who have nuclear weapons.
Classic example is that of Pakistan and India, who are constantly at loggerhead.

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Pakistan ally wa China ambaye ni enemy wa India pia, India wakaona itabidi washikane na waIsraeli.

They nuke each other wawache kutusumbua. Meffi hao

This is how it works , pale Iran ni noma


Wewe unakuanga uncle Tom. Cuba is doing better than some Caribbean and Central American countries which are US puppets.


Like which one?

Wacha ufala.


noun: rouble; plural noun: roubles; noun: ruble; plural noun: rubles
[li]the basic monetary unit of Russia and some other former republics of the Soviet Union, equal to 100 kopeks.[/li][/ol]

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Rubu ni io akili yako ndogo

Are you sane!!!