Put some respect on Ja Rule’s name

This mofo ruled the charts back in the early 00’s but doesn’t get the credit he deserves




Google fyre festival and you Will get why the man will go down forever hated…

Not exactly, he was exonerated over the hyped ticket sales hadi sasa aneza tembea UK after ban. Even before Fyre,he was irrelevant,anabore tu to the point where 50cent buys 200 concert seats to make it look empty.He became the focus of a federal investigation in the early 2000s, ngoma mob sana zake zikawa held back thus a career ending sweep ; Murder Inc.'s parent label, Def Jam, ikablock mangoma zake, thus preventing him kunukisha kitunguu on it.

This guy angeendelea crossover as he had gained entry in “The fast and the furious” in 2001 but ni kama alikua akijiskia…
From Wikipedia…
Ja Rule, another prominent rap artist who appeared in The Fast and the Furious, was originally tapped for the role of Tej Parker. Ja Rule was offered $500,000 for the role, which was more than what he had been paid to appear in The Fast and the Furious, $15,000. According to Singleton, “Ja got too big for himself. He turned it down. He turned down a half a million dollars. … He was acting like he was too big to be in the sequel. He wouldn’t return calls.” The director then hired Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, a relatively little known rap artist at the time as a substitute.[15]/Bridges would later rise to prominence for appearing in the film and star in later films such as Crash and Hustle & Flow.
Well, angezidi kunukisha tu, kakaenda ivo

Ja Rule will forever Rule. With his rusty voice.

My fav…

Siju izi he is mentioning 50’s name aweze kunukisha otunguu

Pia yule mwoman ashanti angekuwa a bigger star isipokuwa record label ilikuwa federally indicted

Hapa ndo mahali watu hukosea sasa…

Hata Timothy Olyphant ali turn down role ya Dominic Torreto imagine…na Universal ilikuwa imempea role bila hata auditions akakataa…saa hii anaishi aki regret tu

Gaddem! :smiley: Huyo mse after Hitman aliendaje. Anyways mtu huomba Mungu when a real opportunity comes ujue tu and grab it with both hands banae

Huyu msee can’t catch a break, was close to playing iron man as well but missed out to RDJ :D:D:D

Adidas, I believe murder inc was the worst thing that happened to Ja Rule and Ashanti.

Aliact Die hard na bruce willis…alafu after hapo sijui kuliendaje…

Nilimuonga series flani ya Netflix inaitwa Santa Clarita diet