Nasikia Nurses pale Newy York, Mnalipwa 1m per week. My sis inlaw and the husee wanatengeza pesa kama njugu.

Kama unajua, why did you feel the need of filling the server na upuss?

Pole kama nimekukosea mbwa-i

Do you think it’s a laughing matter? Those people are working like donkeys right now and there is no resting day and night. Plus the risk of contracting Corona.

Wee tunakujua, uzembe ndio mwingi

I am not lazy my friend. I am just telling you the truth. I have been watching international news channels of late and I can tell you that the health care systems of the Western countries are currently overwhelmed by this Covid-19 scourge.

Reason why @Purple, @patco na ile mbwa inaitwa @Swansea zime take backstage.Kama sio job nikujificha Corona vilivyo.

Unatusi chifu mwenzako,ghasia mkosa tabia wewe.Bibi yako bado anakuviuriria vi sawa.Huyo muembu nikimpata nitarushia yeye njugu nisikie vile wewe husikia


What is your life worth? I’m grateful to be of help, but it’s no fun seeing the carnage it has exacted on us. I don’t want to talk about it, for I’m very, very sad nowadays. Take care!

You have realized hata pesa ni vanity of vanities

Yaani una pocket 4m monthly

:smiley: Do you believe what all Talker say.?

But may die without spending a penny

Whatever you wrote came from an honest and from the bottom of your heart. Just know there is someone out there who want to share that feeling with you.

Sad ukiingiza mita per week allegedly? Nifowardie 400k nikusaidie kubeba hio hasira.

I don’t know now y’all are doing it. It’s just too many deaths. It’s like a war zone - Viet man. Some of you will come out with PTSD.

All our ICU beds are occupied. We have overflowed to other areas of the hospital and retrofitted them to act as ICUs. They’ve set up a system where staff are doing shorter shifts, but working more frequently. The problem with long shifts is that your risk of exposure goes way up. It’s hard to stay focused and always aware of yourself. Donning and doffing PPE can get very laborious, and breathing from an N95 mask for hours is tough. It makes you realize how easy life used to be. I certainly appreciate, as others do I’m sure, some aspects of life more than before.

We have lost 65 plus doctors in Italy, and still adding up. Their entitled loud-mouthed counterparts in US/UK are yet to record their “good” numbers. This is no longer about coronavirus! It is about greed! Soon they will get fatigued and they will start making tones of undocumented errors!..Oh, we will document their deaths.

Hey…Work for max 8 hrs, and go home! The world won’t stop its chores coz you aren’t there! Even pilot Kibati was happily retired, but his greed( at age 61 years) took the better part of him. Yes! It took him to Newyork! Yes, there were younger pilots that he “outbid”. I have zero sympathy for greedy people, and may they never show up on TV/social media…in their tears of greed!

A life is a life whether you are 75, 85, a doctor , a janitor , an Argentinian , Briton, Kenyan , rich , poor…Some medics will get the disease outside their line of work. No way we can tell they got it at work. Someone has to take care of the sick. They took an oath to do so.