Insomnia inanimaliza, sambarry talk to me. omwami @Nefertities naona uko online

You want a lullaby nigga?

Wewe lala uko ktalk 24hrs a day, patia mwili rest

Brayo weka titties tuwank!

@Purple is in ICU with pipes into her veins and feeding through the nose. She’ll be back once Orangeface finds his footing and spins this outcome into a victory of sorts.

When Obama and the Democratic Party lost control of the House in 2010, many people were quick to write him off as a one term president.

The rest is history…!

At least wipe the tears before you start your sob story. Lakini usijali, bingwa Drumpf yuko tayari kupambana na vifaranga…:stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, you just made that shit up. NOBODY called Obama a one-termer.

Kelele…one term kama Kidero. You can’t draw similarities between the two.

Like a real Drumpf disciple, inventing reality on the fly… :wink:

And still manage to live…

Wewe, @Purple ako sawa. Anatafuta ile thread ilikuwa na apology ya Jubilants some few months ago. Unyenyekevu ni muhimu for the next two years.

Enjoy while it lasts! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Purple is still confused, maybe this will jog her memory