Purple shares it all

In research this is called confirmation bias.

This is very inaccurate information coming from @Purple

@Purple you always tell the truth, but Truman caput haskii, kazi ni kurukaruka kama kinyangarika


[SIZE=5]Stupid title I thought ameweka mgongo tuone. Ama hips.[/SIZE]

Msee you are very insecure and idle

Au kimee.

mgongo ya nini ama kuna nini:D mende ii


Wuod Ombare mihuona kama purple naeza kula vibaya sana as she whispers words of wisdom in my ear as am about to cum

It is strange, scientific or not, to lump girls below 18 who get pregnant with those of legal age. The former are overwhelmed by power dynamics in their relationships.
Expecting them to favourably negotiate for contraceptives is ill-conceived.

Sijui kama unaelewa hii lugha. It’s my Bishop spitting facts as usual. :D:D

Brathe tumia akili. Do you think turning 18 magically turns a girl into some know it all superior being with power and control. Most relationships in Kenya and the world are about power dynamics. No man agrees to marry a girl more powerful than her and no girls will accept a man lower than her. Hii fgeminazi nonsense ya kujaribu kutoshanisha wanaume na wanawake haitawork. Niggas will just keep slinking back into the forest when they’re forced to deal with faux empowerment. Alfu what makes you think there is a pandemic of over 18 having sex with under 18s. Teenager share sex within their social circles, which are comprised of fellow teenagers.

It is part of the argument by feminazis, who are now trying to remain relevant in the dating market. There’s an under the table deal where men are being jailed for fucking girls 20-22 years of age. Guys have been taken to court for fucking biches in their twenties ai juu bado ni wanafunzi. They’re trying to establish some faux legal precedence.

Feminazzi is just that. Bitter that their total relationship journey took a uncalculated turn. They dress it up as relationship advice.

Look at this headrat NVchieth. Do not expose your empty ganglia

:D:D:D:D @Purple ni noma, nakumbuaka ile day aliweka kwa kijiji declaration anakuja kuanua ngombe from Kenya . akakuja na Lufthansa na akaanua ngombe yake from bedsitter pale Kiambu, akaweka kwa DIP na ku process VISA yake within a month na kurudi nayo USA :D:D:D:D . sijaskia aki complain happily married . ngombe iliwekwa laini. maadem wasapere kali saidi


:D:DHio kitu huuma @TrumanCapote sana. It lives rent free in her head

Hehee it’s like grabbing a bull by its horns.

:D:D Ame incorporate into her daily psychosis. Bizzaro.