Purple saidia maskini ya mungu, tafadhali!


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The law of moses allowed slavery and jesus built his brand of jewish religion on it so he couldnt contradict it. the bible tells slaves to know their place and anyone believing in these laws should certainly embrace slavery.

:smiley: troll, lakini kama ingekuwa the opposite, I’m sure massa would have used it to justify their actions, interesting ommision on Christ’s part though because he also lived in Roman palestine where slaves were a very common thing

Jesus had no time to lower himself to arguments of this and that law, he was way above that. He came to set a bar higher than the law such that the law was fullfilled and beyond. He said ‘love your God and your neighbour with all your heart’, do you think you love someone you have enslaved? The law say an adulterers women should be stone, jesus responded … That is why we sing of ‘amazing grace that saved us from the chains of laws and lust of flesh’ Can you say Amen!

To add on that the origin of law is from sin and sin started from disobiendence of adam and eve from God after they were deceived by satan. The law stated that the punishment of sin is death and therefore the fallen man would surely die, but what about a man with no sin? That inserted another alogarithim into the matrix, satan had not anticipated. The sytem become hacked and a backdoor created through which men can escape punishment of the original sin. Got it?


Actually he is on record engaging in heated arguments about even more trivial matters. He even argued with his mother and even with temple elders, the elite custodians of the Jewish scriptures and doctrines. Arguments seems to have been his special hobby!

A “white Jesus” to condemn slavery? Again, has the church not enslaved it’s members? It has just evolved

There is a difference between slavery and bondage.

Slavery came to get it’s current bad meaning in the late 1800s from U.S activists e.g Fredrick Douglass and Abe Lincoln.

Before that even a miss mboch was known as a slave.

A good example is Kenya during colonization.

Kenyan Luo and Kisii tea and coffee berry pickers were refered to as [SIZE=5]Kenya’s slave labour force[/SIZE] by the likes of Tom Mboya and Jaramogi.

Today the very same tea pickers in Kericho doing the very same job are reffered to as TEA FACTORY WORKERS or FARM LABOURERS by Atwoli Francis and others.

These words have different meaning depending on who is using them.

A Kenyan being beaten in Saudi Arabia is being called a “slave”.

A Kenyan girl beaten in Kenya would be called an unruly “house girl”!

Same name, same job, different names.

The “bible slave” is the true definition of what a slave is. They worked for free, were beaten, raped and murdered with ease. Some were abducted from villages while others were spoils of war. Why would a God who loves all sanction a section of humans to be treated such?

Refugee vs Expat worker.

Financial immigrant vs White Expat.

In the U.S Trump was censored by Democrats. In Africa when Museveni does the exact same thing he is said to be suppressing Democratic voices.

In the U.S today Mexicans and other immigrants pick cotton, vegetables, clean roads, landscaping basically the jobs that black Americans refused to do.

But Mexicans don’t complain like black Americans, they just pick that cotton and move on!

Picking cotton is not bondage. It is just a job like any other :


[SIZE=5]Colossians 4:1 ESV / 6 [/SIZE]

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven.

[SIZE=5]1 Peter 2:18 ESV / 2 [/SIZE]

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Servants, be subject to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the unjust.

God created everyone equal. Even your leader the president is your servant. He is supposed to serve Kenyans. And if your servants have served you well and you are rich there is no reason why shouldnt reward them give them a goat, nyama choma once in a while…

And you the worker don’t rob your master blind. If you are in govt don’t rob the people who put you there. If you mistreat your servant of course God is watching. There will be repercussions.

dont be revisionist. slaves were real slaves. forced labor through violence and murder. people actually owned slaves and their lineages like you could own cattle.

Blacks owned slaves as well.

And so called slavery was not as straightfoward as activists explain it. They were different types of servants in the U.S.

First of all there was a lot of land, but no one wanted to work for the other. And farming is a biatch. And you need sufficient labour or mechanization to ever make good money.

For instance if I pay your ship ticket for you to come to America tunaskizana that you will come work on my farm until that debt is repaid. That policy could be easily manipulated because I dont want you to ever leave my farm, I mean where else will I get a new skilled worker in this wasteland called America? I have to pay for another fellow to come over and that is very expensive.

For instance the first slave John Casor left his master because he felt he had repaid the ticket fee debt. But his master a fellow black man sued him and Casor was forced by the court to work for life for his black master Anthony Johnson :

John Casor - Wikipedia

Bondage started because I pay for your trip to come to America called passage money but then you come to America and run away from my farm at night! I have to find away to keep you on my farm to repay that debt. I have to chain you so you don’t try any tricks.

It still happens in some countries only this time I take your passport so you can’t leave the country and if you run I report you.

@Akeelah whats your take on this?

The only thing you should tell a slave is run and take all the other slaves with you