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@Purple sometimes last week, you posted a video of John Hagee saying that he talked to Natenyahu of Israel. Iv been waiting patiently to see what will happen. BIBI as they called him, told Hagee that during blood moon (25th May 2021) which is today, something nasty will happen to Israel and Iran will be the perpetrators.

So far its quite in Israel like nothing has happened. Iran is busy doing their thing and Hamas/Hesbolla are back to normal.

My point is : People use religion to drive weird and strange narratives. Bibi got billions from evangelicals in USA just by mentioning something thrilling like "On blood moon Israel is planned to wiped out by Iran "

Purple its unfortunate that you became a vessel of propagating these "thrilling " rumors from the “chosen people of God” (as if the rest of us are domesticated animals of God).Live life and get out of conspiracy theories. You will get blood pressures from this .

Its scary to think that no amount of education or exposure can free one’s mind of some deeply ingrained things.

I will never be able to understand it.

[SIZE=5]I guess this thread will be one of those atheist wanking fests full of angry, unfulfilled Kenyatalk atheists complaining because their dreams in life never came true.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Akina @Soprano , @mozilla , @Atheismo , @slevyn and friends. And they are all usually from Western Kenya like their national leader Harrison Mumia.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Sijui nini inaendelea Western Kenya.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“In class 3 I prayed to God that one day I will be a pilot but it hasn’t happened, that means He doesn’t exist!!” That is @Jimit ,@hewa safi or the Luhya guy @Stormtrooper98 for you.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Oh the local rabid feminist has joined the conversation.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Oh she will now attack anyone who doesn’t agree with her views and try to psychoanalyze them as horrible human beings unfit to walk the earth. :D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Coronatities saa hii najua unangojea @Purple . Hata ushaanza pressups. :D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]There must be a lot on your mind that you want to tell @Purple.[/SIZE]

I prayed for a woman. But it hasn’t happened so I wemt for a fellow man. That is @patco for you.

[SIZE=5]@Coronatities , @Purple is a happily married and fulfilled woman, she doesn’t hate men like you so kindly stop attacking her. She can’t be a male bashing, feminist like you.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Just because ulitombwa na ukawachanishwa na mtoto doesn’t mean that all men on planet earth are bad!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]@Coronatities give love a chance. Na usikuwe kichwa ngumu feminist. Itikia kupendeka na kutombeka bila nyef nyef mingi.[/SIZE]


@Abba we know that you probably wanted to become a millionaire in life but you feel that Kikuyus have in some way held you back despite marrying one of them. And so you hate God because he created Kikuyus… just accept your status in life and move on.

You have food to eat , a house, a car shukuru Mungu kwa hio. Who told you that you must be rich like Michuki?

Yaani horny dudes like @Abba and Faggots like @patco ,@Jimit mumecombine kufanya fantasy group wank na @Purple na hata hajaamka? Shame on you. Muachaneni na @Purple nyinyi magaseer

:D:D:D Who’s mad now @patco ?

When you read my comments and yours, on any thread, which seem to carry all the feels?

Wacha hasira itikia kupendeka!! Halaa.

Kuja nikupende. Mimi siwezi kukataa. Itikia mapenzi.

Na ukinikataa wacha nikuitie bachelor @Sambamba . @Sambamba chukua huyu msichana. Huwezi baki bachelor miaka yako yote. I know you have seen her and I sense you like her. Now can you take the necessary measures. She is educated like you. Cheza kiwewe.

:smiley: You have a lot more in common with MFW than with Purple. In case you haven’t noticed, @Purple doesn’t engage me despite the fact that she has to read all my comments as a mod.

Ukiskia someone is getting under your skin, “bullying” you, is irrelevant in any way or just generally doesn’t post anything you feel like reading, you have the option of ignoring them by averting your gaze or using the block button. I don’t know why you’re allowing me to make you post 8 comments in the space of 10 minutes. It isn’t healthy for you @patco

For reals man. Tulia. Blood pressure itapanda.

Vava use your energy on something else. You’d rather engage @Thirimaii than the fool you are addressing.



Am happy you have elevated me today,thank you

Who are you again ?

So now this is the new trend? Some nobodies gotta mention and insult me for them to be known?? It’s alright.

That nigga has the guts to mention VS. Wonders shall never end.

Hii nabongo mumiasi inachukia wakikuyu sana but he can’t stop loving their women. I think he has been in love with purple for quite a while. Him and @Swansea . :smiley:

[SIZE=1]Wanapenda purple.[/SIZE]