@Purple hebu kuja tucheke kidogo.

[SIZE=6]@Purple , @Kahuni Maisha , @thesavage This below is Peter Neffinger Chairman of Smartmatic the company at the center of the vote fraud.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]By now you’ve already heard his name being mentioned SOLELY in the few remaining media outlets that are willing to cover President Trump. His name just like that of Soros is taboo in the fake news media world.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]This fellow is very critical to the Biden campaign :[/SIZE]



[SIZE=7]Peter Neffenger[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]Chairman - Smartmatic USA Board[/SIZE]

Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger (USCG retired) enjoyed a distinguished career in the U.S. Coast Guard, where he served as the 29th Vice Commandant until June 2015 when he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to head the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a position he held until January 2017. He was named one of the 25 most influential business travel executives of 2016 by Business Travel News after he led a complete transformation of TSA.

Vice Admiral Neffenger holds an MPA from Harvard University, an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College, an MA in Business Management from Central Michigan University, and a BA from Baldwin Wallace University, from where he recently received an honorary Doctorate (Doctor of Public Service).

[SIZE=6]And this is the webpage for the Biden Haris transition team : :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6] https://buildbackbetter.com/the-transition/agency-review-teams/ [/SIZE]


[SIZE=6]Why is the chairman of Smartmatic a company with direct links to George Soros, Venezuela and CCP doing as part of the Biden Harris transition team???[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Like Rudy Giuliani said, this thing has elements of the army, the FBI , mega corporations, the Gop, the Democrats etc etc etc fighting President Trump.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]Who Is Peter Neffenger? Biden Transition Team Member May Be Target of Trump Lawsuit[/SIZE]

Peter Neffenger, a retired vice admiral of the U.S. Coast Guard and experienced national security official, was recently added to the roster of individuals tasked with supporting President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as they transition into office. He served as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) chief from 2015 until 2017 under former president Barack Obama. Neffenger received the Department of Homeland Security’s Distinguished Service Medal twice during his time with the Coast Guard.

https://d-newsweek-com.cdn.ampproject.org/i/s/d.newsweek.com/en/full/1670668/peter-neffenger.webp?w=600&q=75&f=4fd1c190b653272dc63ce3f30937391aPeter Neffenger testifies during a November 2015 hearing on Capitol Hill. The former Transportation Security Administration administrator has joined the Biden-Harris transition effort and may become a target of a lawsuit from the Trump campaign over voting machines.CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY


As usual these MAGATS can’t even put together a coherent argument. Did you miss this part from your article?:

On Sunday, Powell cited Neffenger’s name while discussing the legal team’s accusations against Dominion Voting Systems because he is chairman on the board of directors at Smartmatic, another company that designs electronic voting systems. Smartmatic released a statement clarifying that it is not associated with Dominion Voting Systems, and that in fact “the two companies are competitors in the marketplace.”

And by the way, is Newsweek not fake news?

You really must think we are fools? :D:D

Hebu kimbia Dominion Voting Systems on Wikipedia which we now understand is controlled by Soros and Bill Gates… kimbia hapo kabla wa-delete, teremka to their subsidiaries and you will see Sequoia Voting Systems.

Click Sequoia Voting Systems which was purchased by Dominion in 2010 from Smartmatic. Smartmatic owned Sequoia from May 2005. The technology Dominion is using is in reality Smartmatic technology. Smartmatic is hiding beneath Dominion. Dominion is a front company. Smartmatic is the real brains.

LMAO This is where I stopped reading. :smiley: Who cares what a MAGAT “understands”? We only care about what you can prove. So far that has been zero.

What we can prove is that Peter Neffenger an executive at Smartmatic is today part of the transition team at Biden Harris right after helping them steal the election.

Now I wonder which position he has been promised? Head of homeland security or President’s advisor on defence… saa hii tu nikuchill. :D:D:D

Just waiting for his reward for a job well done.

And smartmatic is owned by Soros. So maybe his kids will get jobs in Soros’ financial empire … enyewe huyu jamaa ako set. Wizi ni tamu. Or maybe Soros will make him the U.S ambassador to Ukraine where he can make billions like the Bidens. Who knows.

Show us Trump’s Boats Parades, Golf carts parade.

Accept and move on

You may pretend not to read any of these evidence but tunajua mnaziona tu. :D:D

Hata CNN waki censor tunajua zinawafikia bado.

Ati you are hoping January to get here faster ati kesi zisifanyike. Ati time ikuwe imeisha … hahaha. Oh my oh my.

Hii story ni ngumu sana. Unless someone believes that covid will kill all Republicans this year, Biden hana wits za kucontain the USA. Somehow the media has successfully left out the fact that more people voted for Trump this time round than before. They want to bury that half of America. Wish them away. Not going to work. Let them doctor opinion polls, cook votes, and then try to bury the truth. Haiwezekani.

This speculative evidence ndo inawamess na hizo kesi zenu

Anyway, mkwende, mkufe… in 7 months Trump had more attacks in Somalia than Obama total attacks

@Mzichi ni ukweli hakuna evidence. :D:D

Speculative evidence, sio?

Hii yote anasema hapa chini ni “speculative”.


Either they give Trump his victory or they perform a handchieth but Biden will not rule in peace. Vindu vichenjanga

I’m suing Powerball. They stole my lottery jackpot because I wasn’t allowed to clearly see the ping pong balls as they were selected. Plus, there were fraudulent ping pong balls in the machine. I know this because the numbers drawn were not on my ticket. What’s especially suspicious is that I bought my ticket on a Saturday, yet the drawing did not take place until Tuesday! Why the delay? Obviously, it was so they had more time to rig the drawing. Rudy Giuliani says he’ll represent me for $25,000 a day. :stuck_out_tongue:


now we’re really scared… :D:D:D

There are about 4 million mail in ballots still remaining to be counted… :D:D:D:D

Kuiba bila plan.

California and New York are still counting mail in ballots. :D:D:D

you fucking piece of shit that didnt vote you still at this u truly have to see a pychiatrist.

Prove that in a court or law. Yapping here is barking up the wrong tree.[ATTACH=full]335559[/ATTACH]

You know alot about dogs for a human being… could you be having relations?

[SIZE=5]Peter Neffenger is also part of the infamous Atlantic Council which receives funding from fuckers like Burisma. The same Burisma that gave Joe and his son Hunter kickbacks.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]This is ridiculous. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Facebook and Google are among the biggest donors to this so called Atlantic Council. They promote a new world belief known as Atlanticism.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Deep state is a real gang. Kama Crips and bloodz ama Sinaloa cartel.[/SIZE]