Purple has been fired?

Nimecheki purple ni kama is no longer around… She used to be in every thread

@Purple njoo

saa hizi ni holz buda, she deserves a break and to spend time with her family

Hmmm ! ! ! What about you, kwa I huna familia?

You seem to have been reading her quite well. You should then know that she is criss-crossing in Kenya.

Purple yuko mùcatha saa hii anapigwa na moshi wa kuni.


Hii logic Wacha tusibonge level ya ngoso ya Village [ATTACH=full]216306[/ATTACH]… Inasumbua sana

next week from Wednesday or Thursday.

Ako githurai kwa bedshitter akisuguliwa kutu ya Trumpstan

huyu ni mtiaji wa kawaida

Tuko na yeye hapa @githurai.tunachapa vitu kwa kwa kwa

@Purple has a bad case of the Drumpf blues. Her belief system has been crumbling extremely fast in recent days. Why would she want to be here?

[SIZE=7][B]Trump now seems to blame Dems over shutdown[/B][/SIZE]

Alaar! Trump ameingizwa kwenye uzi…

Trump urged McConnell Friday morning to pull out all the stops to fund the wall.
“Mitch, use the Nuclear Option and get it done! Our Country is counting on you!” he tweeted.
The House passed on Thursday a short-term government funding bill that provides $5.7 billion to construct a border wall but Democrats say they will defeat it in the Senate.
“The Leader has said for years that the votes are not there in the Conference to use the nuclear option. Just this morning, several Senators put out statements confirming their opposition, and confirming that there is not a majority in the conference to go down that road,” said David Popp, McConnell’s communications director.

Popp issued his statement after several Republican senators voiced opposition to holding a procedural vote known as the “nuclear option” to change the Senate’s rules and make it easier to pass a funding bill that includes $5.7 billion to build a border wall.

While Republicans have a 51-49 majority in the upper chamber, Democrats can block the House bill with a filibuster or other procedural objections, which require 60 votes to overcome.
Republican Sens. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) immediately announced Friday morning that they would not vote for the nuclear option.
The retiring Senate president pro tempore, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), also said he opposed the idea.
He said the Senate’s traditional 60-vote threshold for quashing a filibuster “has prevented our country for decades from sliding toward liberalism.”


Nikama alidead. Seriously.

Ameenda kiambu na familia ninaongeanga na yeye

Hehe, ati Purple has been fired?

Hi ni kama sometime back when Moi was president and he vanished for a week na watu wakaanza to speculate ati ohhh ohhh ako hospitali, ohhh ohhh ameretire

She’ll be back