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A get-together between a Kenyan man in the US and her ex-girlfriend has turned ugly with Erick Wanjiku now battling charges of domestic assault, battery, rape and kidnapping before an Oklahoma court.
The ex-girlfriend, whose identity has not been revealed, says trouble started when she refused to give in to Wanjiku’s sex demands in his apartment after honouring his invite.

She says she tried to escape, but the suspect strangled and raped her.
When she again tried to escape, she says he dragged her back upstairs, inflicting to her body and especially face.
“When you read a case that sends a chill down your spine, and you know you are not going to leave until you make an arrest, this was the case,” said Sgt. Jillian Phippen, Tulsa Police Special Victims Unit, while confirming this incident.
“She finally convinced him, I need to go to the hospital because I’m going to die, and as they went out to the car, she ran away,” added Phippen.
The arrest report says Wanjiku ‘doesn’t remember’ forcing her to perform a sex act and if he did, he is sorry about that.
Wanjiku managed to temporarily secure his release from custody, but a Judge has ordered him to wear a GPS monitor and not leave the state of Oklahoma without permission.

Sludgist hakuna link?

wanjiku @therapist :D:D:D

Huyu tuseme tu in one short sentence…mambo yake kwisha.

He caught the American disease.
People need to learn how to control their sexual urges.

Mr Erick Wanjiku? :D:D hapana! Naweza enda kwa serikali nibadilishe hiyo jina. Stanley Kokoto would be my new name.
“Right this way Mr Kokoto”
“Would you like a cup of tea Mr Kokoto?”
“Just sign for me down here Mr Kokoto and we can process your application”
“Mr Wanjiku” is an oxymoron

Mharo news

Products of the numerous singo mathas prevalent there. Troubled souls

:smiley: I always wonder if ni kukosa kujua nani ndio baba huyo mtoto au ni kutaka kuweka mtoi away from the father in every way possible…au ni mtoto wa incest:eek::eek::oops:

Looks like he had escaped an earlier rape charge. Some people never learn.


Mungiki bila innerwear vipi?guka husema IQ iko basement i now believe him.

This is easily first degree rape. A possible death sentence or life without parole. This guy should have kept it in his pants. It’s hard for an African man to get laid in Tulsa but there are so many street walkers.

He spent a year in Jail for another rape.

Angekaa Kenya tu. The US is not a country that tolerates fools.

This mbilikimo is just probably the average mungich exporting that arrogance and criminal behavior to a foreign land.

Why does he have a feminine last name? Pardon my ignorance.

Fiud masho anaweza jibu hiyo swali,me thinks hiyo mzee amededi

hata wewe vile huwa unakamua tusothe ukituosha one day utashikwa tu

huyo mambo yake kwisha.

impure blood niaje,kwani @kiLo- alienda wapi,?in our military mumbo jumbo naweza sema ako AWOL

pure blood hii mambo yenyu ya military ni ngumu bana aisee. Hebu elezea sisi AWOL ni nini. Last tukiongea naye alikua ametoka Syria black ops alikua pale Black Sea akikamua kina Katya. Hebu tupee hekaya zako za black ops pale Gatina.