Purity Ngirici household property seized by auctioneers

Tuesday, 10 August 2021 – Vocal Kirinyaga Woman Rep, Purity Ngirici, has lost household items worth millions of shillings after auctioneers raided her house after being unable to pay a debt that she owes to a local airline company.

Reports indicate that Flex Air Charter Company is demanding Sh 5 Million from the flamboyant Woman Rep over services offered during the 2017 election campaign period.

The ruthless auctioneers raided her lavish home in Karen and carted way expensive household items after serving her with the court order.

“We have already executed the orders and recovered all the households.


Ni kama hakuwa anataka hizo household goods.
I understand the woman is filthy loaded

But she paid a 5m bond with the court to get them back.

Her husband si anakuanga na chopper?