Purity Mwambia

Story yake ni gani tangu ile story ya karao wakikodesha bunduki ?

Ako jikoni tulia

Tuliza kende uone thika rd ikipata potholes.

Alikanyaga wire. You dont expose the police like that. Huyu labda ako jikoni anapika chapo, dont expect another story from her soon

hio ghaseer isha i enda Relax inn ika shoot documentary under cover the whole day

Why do people say China is colonising Africa yet they dont say the same about Australia? Without China buying its minerals, Australia economy would reduce by over 4%. Add the fact that there are over 260K Chinese students in Australian universities who brings over 10B dollars to Australia every year

They are buying from Australia. Africa is buying from China. That’s the difference

That’s right shut that fool up

A very forced comparison. At best, a classic example of false equivalence

Nothing false here, I could go on about Chinese investments including extraction industries in Australia and how there are Chinese language radio stations in Australia. Chinese seeking political offices in Australia are routinely supported by the Chinese communist party

The false equivalence is you comparing Australia - China trade relations to Africa - China trade relations. Invoking colonialism on the former is madness. Australia is a proxy of the West (UK & US) in Asia-Pacific region.

And you shut up cunt

They threatened to arrest her and Citizen tv management for illegal possession of firearms. Ni kama alitulia after that.

What do we sell to China? How many Chinese students do we have in our universities bringing us over 10B dollars every year?

Iyo stori ilifanya mdos wa dci kilimani kuhamishwa. And am thinking the murders that followed later za watu kutambalizwa na flying skuod na kupatikana kwa magunia or driveby shootings could have been related to the expose.
And on that note…why are cops getting lost/killed nowadays…ule Mbijiwe, the GSU guy, Karen DCI chief, Kangogo & co. what is really going on

Saudi Arabia is watching as African women working in the country are mistreated and even killed.