Purchasing Laptops in Kenya

Hello guys,my long serving laptop is showing signs of slowing down and i might soon be in the market for a new one.
For your laptop needs where do you purchase your machines whether local or abroad where the price is not bloated?
type of Machine → Runs Android studio+emulators,docker ,some Adobe products etc?

ni amazon baba, ingawa mafala savostore waliongeza cost of shipping

If you are on budget, yellow apple technology wako na factory refurbs poa.

Laptops from Kenya issa throw because:
[li]Very old refurbished machines [/li][li]No OS is installed[/li][li]Arabic keyboards aplenty[/li][li]Current generation laptops are very expensive when found.[/li][/ol]
Better buy online from the US stores and import them

Hizi hazikuji na low voltage?

They are multi voltage. You may need to change the power cable to fit the kenyan sockets

Import is expensive if done with official channels, what is your budget?

Local. There is a good shop, yellow apple. check it out

Hii Amazon weka screenshots ya core i7 and core i5 hp or dell

Hizi refurb zitafanya ulie. Itaanza shida ya screen, battery imezeeka haiweki moto, charger ikufe, you replace the screen again halafu motherboard ikufe. That’s my experience.
If you don’t need to move around with it, get a Core i5 or i7 desktop at 4th to 7th gen starting at 12k to 20k.


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Where can I get this?

Ati 7th generation for 20k? Send me a contact please. Nitakutumia ya choma kilo pia

Tembelea hawa though naona ni 22k sasa. Visit in person coz hazisimami. Ukipata tuma hio mbuzi.

Tembea Moi Avenue opposite Bihi towers utafute Mcphillips Digital Solution.
Hapo utapata laptops brand new na bei mzuri.
I would advice you pick a laptop with AMD Ryzen 3 or 5.

Intel processors are overrated and expensive for nothing.
On the other hand, AMD processors are cheaper with high-performance specs.

Ingia Ebay wekelea filter by price maximum weka 470 dollars the remaining 30 ni shipping.

These guys I’ve seen are marking up the price by double compared to US vendors

Go to their Facebook page.
I have noticed that on Facebook, they have lower price than on the shop.

Angalia kama hii. It’s being sold $362 on Amazon plus $135 shipping cost. Lakini hao wanauza 46k, which is cheaper if you do the math.


Laptop chargers are universal. 100v to 240v