Punguzeni Kasumba Ya Dini Kenya. Mungu Hatajenga Barabara Ama Dam Kenya


Stupid Dense Negroes were told that their Traditional Gods hawatoshi mboga and only a White Jesus can lead them to Heaven.
And now you half brained and brainwashed dense negroes make the swearing in look like an 11th Century Crusade

Just to remind you that his forefather King Henry V||| was the one who founded the Church of England that is currently known as Anglican Communist Church, Yes the one led by Ole Sapit here in Kenya.

Another forefather of King Charles called King James translated the Bible that is commonly used known as King James version ( KJV).

What surprised me is that in the entire 6 hour procession I did not see the King holding the Bible to swear, he just raised his hands to affirm the oath.

We saw our own Anglican followers raising the Bible during the contested announcement of Presidential results at Bomas and our leaders claiming and confidently swearing using the Bible.

Could this mean we misuse the Bible because if the descendants of the translators and founders of these churches do not use it, who is wrong?

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Sorry Pagan, Kenya is a Christian Country and we have no apologies about it.

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Si lazima I remember some ministers in Kibaki rejecting bibles and korans while taking their oaths.

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remember you are talking to people who believe that a virgin gave birth, a person walked over water, a donkey spoke, earth has four pillars,earth is flat, a person rose after death…and the list is far from over.

It is called indoctrination,you cannot argue anything with them. after all their holy book should never be questioned.A book they never knew of it’s existence until 19th century when they became ‘enlighted’.

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I agree.

Africans bana tuko so religious. If I was president I would make opening a church very hard and drastically reduce the existing ones.

It is not indoctrination. It is spiritually ordered and divinely enabled.

How else can you explain the spread of Christianity’s over the last 2000 years starting with just 12 disciples to about 2.8 billion followers worldwide today including in Africa?

1 Corinthians 2:14
“The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.”


Charles did not swear by the bible because he is a god.

Bwana nyoka ilikuwa cursed ikaanza kutembea na tumbo. Sijui before that olikuwa inatembea na mkia ama.

Unajua crusades zlikuwa za Nini??

Explain the spread of English language globally.There is nothing unique about the spread of christianity

Zilikuwa forced conversions na nyamchoms za wasee

Kabisa,nlikuwa nataka Msaredo mukuu ajibu hiyo,ndo atoe kichwa kwa gunia.

The two cannot be equated.

The English language spread through violence and subjugation of entire regions and continents across the globe. In some places like the US and Australia, there was almost complete extermination of the indigenous people.

In contrast, Christianity did not spread under the threat of being told to convert or face death. On the contrary, early on, many Christian preachers paid the ultimate price of martyrdom as they spread the good news gospel such as in the Roman empire. Many are still paying with their lives even today in places like China.

In latter years, Christianity spread through charity and promoting education especially in developing countries. Indeed, many schools and hospitals were and still are missionary institutions.

So yes, the spread of Christianity is unique as it grew through charity (love) and self sacrifice. The English language spread through mass slaughter and subjugation.

King Charles will hold this during coronotion. Coronation bado. It will be a huge global event with all world leaders present.

Google what it is and what it symbolizes.