Punguza Mzigo

Third way alliance punguza mzigo is the way to go for Kenyans…

Any citizen that will listen to these crooked leaders to vote against the punguza mzigo initiative has so far not felt the pinch of a few individuals living luxurious life’s at the expense of poor wananchi.
By the way EKURU should have indicated the salaries of these leaders… A clause that if to be changed all wananchi should be involved… Because hapo kwa salaries tunaeza chezwa

And any salary increase should be adjusted to inflation and only implemented to the next parliament and should not benefit the current legislators.

i don’t care what anyone says , iwe UHURUTO , raila , watermelon or the gold thief , i am voting YES to punguza mizigo …it’s not the best but it’s a start !

Yes to punguza mzigo.