Punguza kitambi

Kuna huyu kadame nimeanza kudate and all over sudden amenishow i go to gym and cut my belly fat
Hii even my closest friends hawajawai niambia hivyo…Even my relatives
I suspect she is cheating on me and wants an exit
Ama mnaonaje

Exactly… she got a new catch…

Mulmulwas enda gym bila kelele

Thanks for this insight

Women will not directly discuss about your fitness unless they got a new fit catch… This is from personal experience not theory… a gal started giving excuses that she is busy and therefore we could not meet… but was still chatting me up… then in the midst of chats, she bitterly told me to hit the gym… after analyzing her words, i quit and then she stopped hiding the new catch… anyway I had enjoyed it while the sun was shining…

Shes trying to tell you Uko chini saidi in a kind way

All of a sudden*

Watu wako na vitambi huwa hawafikii nunu. That’s what she is trying to tell you indirectly.

Huyo ameenda tayari.

That is all that matters my fren.

The key word here is " All of a sudden …"

kitambi pia hu work kama shocks unapolima mtu mission style

Ukiwa na pesa utasifiwa kitambi. Amepata sponsor ako na pesa kukuliko hawezi sifu kitambi yako tena. Hii kitambi yako ni ya pesa ama uji??:D:D

adaptive suspension, makes you bounce up and down as if you are sitting on a baloon

Swallow the bitter truth and hit the gym,leo ni yeye kesho ni diabetes … You never know your next slices are coming from the gym.

:smiley: nikipigwa ngoto kama ii na octenagorian kama gachui na sare ktalk

Americans shida yao kubwa ni kushinda kusema ‘Would of’ badala ya ‘Would have’.

What is the total “effective length” of your cock when erect?


immediate former mp wa Nyali, Mombasa is being divorced by one of his wives and she stated that one of the reason she is filing for divorce is that he can not rise to the occasion.

Chunga nanii usifatilie njia ya mulmulwas with gusto.