Punda wives skieni hii

Vane. @Finest wine


The guy is making some sense.He should not apologise for living life according to his terms

Of course, the same applies when your wives sleep with bosses to get ahead or gym instructors for the thrill of it. What’s good for goose is good for gander. If we all lived on our terms there’d be no society.

True women should also do what they want.Masaa ni machache.

Ever heard of delayed gratification? I prefer to live that way instead of always doing what I want.


Will watch later…nimetoka kwa Lynne kuona hii machoz…this one would not have left the ki-man if he had treated her right…Let me tell you Jojina these sons of Pharaoh need to be treated with caution.
Ona huyu mwanamke…


Nonesense post from a post wall retarded grandma