punda imechoka... ruto anajiongelesha isiolo


Watu wachoshwa na Hawa maumbwa watapeli

Boss, this obsession with Ruto will kill you. Kubali tuu yaishe babaa…

:D:D:D:D Isiolo is Kenyas midfield

I like it

Kwani Jsks alikutombea bibi, ama akarurarua mukunduuu ukidai tender ukanyimwa.


his actions have direct impact on my business you low iq ape…

Hapana boss. Even if that is the case you can’t be obssessed to the level where 98 PC of all your posts are about one MAN. Kuna kashida mahali…kama Ile ya Miguna…

my cost of operation has doubled within 4 months, power alone has started eating into profits…i am aggrieved as one should be when your lifestyle is threatened. anaglia export fees, licensing, taxes… zote ni above last year. as in my stomach curls whenever I see that man peddling BS