Puff puff pass...humans are too competitive to survive in harmony.

Twin sisters
Wheat and Barley
WhEAT chose to be eaten in EATeries. And the BARley chose to be drunk in BARs.
They don’t fight, they don’t compete. They understand that life is not a competition.
After all , either you are eaten or drunk, you all meet in the same stomach and ends up in the same toilet.
The plant kingdom should stage a coup against the evil reign by animal kingdom.
That is the only way this world can live in harmony.
We can make baobab our king…
Stinging nettle can make the military…
The neem tree aka mwarombaine can evolve to nurses and doctors.
Marijuana can be in charge of culture, sports and spiritual affairs…


And where do you fit in all this?

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some musing

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Ital fits for that job

I fit in the last bit

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of course not forgetting barley

Cleverly put