Trending Right now…After Bogus names came up in the SMS Verification service…IEBC is hiding the Names of voters at polling stations with advice from Government. NASA preparing legal suite for making the register in its full form published.
Siku ya nyani ikifika, Miti zote huteleza


They should expeditiously do this. Hawa wakora wanajipiga kifua juu ya the plans they have in the background, not based on the voters they have.
WSR yesterday boasted, I can guarantee you two things, we Will win in round 1, and with a bigger margin than last time.

You know the votes mudavadi had last elections? They knew he’d join Cord and so they had schemes to bloat the numbers in Kiambu by that same number. From 700k to 1.1M in 4 years. That, defying the population distribution in the country. As it stands, Kiambu is the only county where 90% of the population is above 18years. 1.6m residents by 2009 census. How convenient.


2009 is eight years ago. With the national average population growth of 2.6%, Kiambu has a population close to 2 million or thereabouts. You cant compare the IEBC figure of 2017 with the census figure. Otherwise your figure of 90% is unmerited and therefore irrelevant.

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