Public Watch - Security Starts With You.

If you see anything suspicious, dont hesitate to point it out, it may save lives.
Merry Christmass Talkers.

According to IPSOS poll many kenyans dont trust the police and rarely report crime or criminals…


This notice here is reminding you to be alert and vigilant at all times, sio kushugulika ma mosquito kwa gari kama mtu wa teretio, if you see anything out of the ordinary, raise an alarm. Please read the document.

Please summarize the tochument!

have u ever been to the police station to report a crime and how was the experience?

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They were bored and uninterested, infact i think they laughed after i walked out, had gone to report the theft of my side mirrors.

The tochument says, if you see a vehicle that lying low coz its heavily loaded, run as fast as you can while screaming at the top of your voice and dont stop till you reach home.
Also if you see a newly repainted vehicle or if a vehicle smells of paint. smfh. I think they contracted @nairobilay to write this for them.

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Why me? If i was the author it would have ended, “all ladies with nefarious-titties should report to my office for a full pat down. All men with swords please see @Wakanyama”

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The irony of Kenya’s public system, the mind(the executive) is willing but the body(public service) is not

Jana i slept at hotel in isiolo. Its frequented by NGO staff and Aid workers mostly christians. I saw some somali guys kwa reception and shiver ran down my spine. They had extra long suitcases, nicely shaven sideburns and moustaches. Couldnt help imagining what could happen if the hotel was attacked.

Huko silali tena!