Public Toilets

Normally open on Sundays
But some may also open on weekdays for special events
Most do and will attend this Sunday from morning to around noon
Members are usually dirty ju hawaoshi matako
Alaf, nowadays the nolonger accept coins. Most of them are asking members to come with note
It isn’t strange siku uone mtu ameingia choo ya kanjo apeane a 1k sh note, alaf arudi bila change

So, my question is: whoever pays this money is dirty… And whoever to whom the money is paid, is also dirty. How do they cleanse this money?
Cause the truth is, this money usually dirty and unholy. Ju inaletagwa na wezi, malaya, wachawi… And people of all evils. Alaf mwenye anapewa ni unholy pia,… They’re malayas, thieves too
Religion ni nini jameni?

Be a regular to a decent place and shit there when idling and broke

Regular place ni church?

Java, pronto, hamed, galitos