Public Toilets In Rome....


In ancient Rome, going to toilet was a social event. You would gather your friends, family and neigbours and go together to public latrines …

You would sit on the holes doing your business. There will be flowing water under the seat. You can have an engaged conversation with the person sitting next. And obviously while fully watching, hearing and smelling everyone’s business.

The stick would have a sponge at the end. Which the Romans will soak in water and clean their bum. Well, you did not expect them to have toilet papers or bidets, did you?


Now talk about Roman roads, aquifers, architecture and political systems.

thats dull stuff , afadhali i talk about the earliest romans who are said to have ‘civilised’ the basungu eurasian newcomers trickling into civilisation from the savage, ‘barbaric north’…



Hata Sisi tukiwa wadogo tulikuwa tunaingia choo watu watano na tunakaa huko kupiga story dakika kadhaa

Wewe ni wanker nani hajui ulikuwa mnaenda kuwank huko


We wuz Romans, Greeks & Spartans and shit .Meanwhile Toilets in kibera Kwa akina @Tom Bayeye