Public toilets in Kenya menace

Kenya has come a long way in terms of public sanitation. Back in the 90s public toilets used to be troughs and were very poorly maintained. In some towns they were free while in Nairobi they charged 5 shs (which had a greater purchasing power). Today, though Nairobi has a population of five million(4. mill residents and 1 mill visitors) it is served by less that 150 toilets. Some shopping centres in the outskirts do not have a single public toilet.
If you want do your business, it is always chaotic. As you are all set to drop bombs, few seconds after dropping Nagasaki and you’re headed to drop Hiroshima there is always some guy who comes in violently banging the doors as if his 10 shillings payment grants him exclusive rights to use the washrooms. Tissues are always rationed though purchased in wholesale(sijui akina purple wangekuwa area wangeona shida). Also, you have to enter the toilet with a kibuyu since they dont flush/have cisterns. Still, to make matters worse, there is always some guy cleaning up the floor in a congested waiting area. At night, once these toilet “salespersons” leave, they close shop without any night shift crew, so one has to find a local pub which are usually upstairs to help themselves. Though these washrooms are filled with plenty of free condoms, on the ladies side they complain for lack of sanitary towels.
Anyway, public toilets should be built to international standards based on all therevenues GoK, NCC and other counties collect. They should also be free and managed by private contractors to enhance hygiene. For once, I agree with @Ndindu’s lectures, at times nothing works right in this continent.


Meza Keg yako pole pole bila kusumbua.

wewe labda ni mwenda wazimu. ati 150 what??

When they say they are going for benchmarking abroad i wonder what they go benchmark.

Nairobi, with slightly less than 150 public toilets and a shortfall of 50 is a goldmine. The city centre and the immediate environs has around 30 toilets.
link 2 Focus on funding as Kenya risks missing toilets-for-all target - Business Daily

They go for benchmarking muliro style, in foreign countries.

Public toilets in Nairobi are quite an eyesore, and to top it all some fools have decided to release the Picasso inside them on the walls.

Choo kulipishwa 5/= in the 1990’s really? Wasn’t it during Kibaki’s presidency that these public toilets became commercialised when Joe Aketch was mayor? :oops: my memory must be leaving me if it started in the 90’s

You are right, toilets should be made free for all and well maintained. Yaani they rob us of our dignity. Toilets in the country zinatulet down. I avoid drinking anything nikiwa Tao to avoid using them. I actually thought hakuna choo za maana Nairobi until I visited some mall in Westland, I was amazed at how well kept they were. That should be the general standard in a country that gained independence hiyo miaka yote. It’s a basic necessity for everyone si for the well to do only.

When going to Nairobi cbd, it’s best to wear a diaper just to be on the safe side. Before you leave the house make sure you have emptied kabisa and don’t go eating willy nilly coz you can get food poisoning and guess what? No toilets for you. Or you get stuck in a traffic jam and there’s nowhere to go. Hehehe utaitana. Imagine having a running stomach and finding no tissue in the stall? It happens. That’s why you find the walls of some public toilets painting a gory picture, ma streaks. Eww. Me I never leave the house without tissue (made in america). But the people who get my sympathies are pregnant women. From second trimester you have to stay near a loo always because of the uterus pressing against your bladder. Do they just avoid water entirely? Which brings me to my next point: the overwhelming stench of concentrated ammonia in most public toilets. It points to the fact that Nairobians aren’t hydrating well enough. The normal color of urine should be slight yellow not dark yellow/ brown!!

Yes, I guess it was the 2000s then wacha tutafanya research vizuri.

@Purple kumbe uko na hekaya tamu kuhusu hii maneno. Hio hekaya itabidi utumalizie. Mi sio mara moja nimekata safari katikati juu ya shida ya tumbo nikishaona pahali kuna petrol station mi huambia dereva asimame na aniache. Anyway, public sanitation has long way to go for our country. Besides toilet, we need fresh water points, emergency phones and first aid clinics along our roads.

Sina hekaya, I’m just saying a city is only as good as its weakest point. If you went into a 5 star hotel and found they didn’t have enough toilets or what they have is unsanitary, how quickly your opinion would change! It’s a cultural problem too, because in the African context, toilets and bathrooms are rarely given priority like bedrooms or living rooms. It should be the best room in the house. By the way some big corporate offices that I’ve visited have shambolic loos. There’s always that ammonia smell, workers always cleaning the floors with a dirty bucket and mop, wet floors 24/7, no tissue or highly rationed tissue, toilets under lock and key. Why a rich company has to be so mean with their toilets I don’t know. This attitude has permeated all over Nairobi, the rots starts at City Hall as they have failed to solve the crisis in public sanitation.

Diapers tena :D. The thing about them is that they have to be regularly changed, you can’t half ass it.
Where do you suppose you can do that business in the cbd?

I use the toilets at Imtiaz Mosque hapo Khoja, the toilets are so clean you could eat food from the floor.

What happened to the machakos free toilets project?

It happened in 1999.

Have used them quite clean

There was a time nilienda kununua Marikiti vitu and was forced to use its toilets…malipo ten bob
I saw meffi allover urinal nilirudi na mkojo wangu …to make matters worse guys had no problem at all using it…
Wakenya are naturally dirty people