Public Speaking Gigs

I have this friend who wants to dabble in the public speaking arena, along the lines of Vusi Thembekwayo. Is there a market for such, who would be the audience and rates. I have zero knowledge about that area.

Fr Ceria wario?

unaweza organize marinated tortoise?


Umeona umekaa sana bila kupost kitu ndo unapost umama hapa? Maliza kula totoise ulale.

Gio kuwa serious.
Your friend should be able to answer those questions vizuri zaidi.

Unaezaje anza biz bila kujua market na audience?

Don’t tell me you already forgotten the talk you gave at the UoN. And you claim to have no knowledge whatsoever…

@Gio unaonanga…ama wacha tu

KTalk has an elephantine memory.

How did you land the UoN gig last year? You are in a better position to mentor us/him

This guy @Gio is the greatest scam on earth since Ponzi,mofo is a subject in confusion and contradiction tries really hard to play and remain the part.

There’s talking about a subject matter that you are familiar with, getting paid for it becomes something else all together. I know life coaches have to be trained and certified, he isn’t


Mi hapa nikiongea nitatusi mtu vibaya sana hadi aparare matako, na mcoondu uzidi weusi

Fudhi Thendewayo ni nani?
Anyway nita google tu juu naona kama utaniGio

Ati Fudhi Thendewhat?

:smiley: sijasafichwa mecho na kill the mbuzi wakiwa na nairoberry.