public likes kenya is here to stay

Public likes is here to stay

Anybody who has worked with my daily cash machine enlighten us

Pubic lice? Cleanse our eyes please.

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Oh Lord! Not this crap again



Says who?

nitumie referal link sisi kama investors :smiley:

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Buda move on hyo n scam

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Madam hata ukipost mara fifte…haiwes

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Haha isha anguka

what do you expect from someone called chlorophyll ? Vegetable!

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Shaiiiiit… $45 zangu zilizama


A fool and his likes…

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Their official facebook page was pulled down yesterday so sijui unasema inarudi wapi

Si naskia safcom wali scrap iyo paybill

halafu peasants have trained their anger on safcom for shutting it down