pu**y rating?

Wadau? I have alwz asked myself, how is pussy rated, this is smthg I will never understand. First, this bitches have had it all over, why would it be any fun anyway ? 2nd, the amount asked is exorbitant, why should I even pay so highly? 3rd, u can have the same pussy cheaper and tighter. Apart from flossing, Why would I need a big/small butt, decent looks/not. I find slay queens have overdone their makeup and shape, no issue of money coz I have enough to pay, but is it worth it. Chris for instance used to spend 10k on a lady for a night, a billionaire. Further heard on classic that a pussy rated at 100k, yaani mwanaume analipa 100k for a small hole. Then somebody said in ktalk that alienda South Africa to meet a lady they met on FB, seriously??? Well don’t we live once we say?

Wewe invest pesa yako and live your life. Vile wanaume wengine wameamua kutumia pesa zao is their problem. Even if someone decides to pay 1M for p*ssy it does not concern you. Just stick to your peasant lane. Uliskia Kirubi akicomplain? Stick to your pesant lane like @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii who buys car keys for bmw on olx to pretend he owns cars

If something is getting expensive then there is demand for it, men stopped dating in favor of online hookups. They flooded online sites leading to a stiff competition, and you know of this notion that when you buy something expensive its most likely better quality which led to slay queens doing heavy makeups and hiking their prices to trap quality seekers.

His new multi handle is @cheekbusta

:D:D:D huwa mnapiga @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii ma sweep na venye siku hizi ametulia. Haonekani kwa streets

He is a serial multihandler, any fool using the work “kivese” ni yeye

ukweli tu cjasoma

Life is short. Live it to the fullest

If a man wants to go on easy-mode, there is nearly unlimited free pussy from single mothers who will fwak you all night and then make you breakfast afterward, simply in exchange for half an ear to talk to, if you just give her some “mmm hmmm” “okay” “really that happened to you??” in the morning when she’s going on and on with her stories about how hard her life is then you’ll have unlimited pussy for as long as you want until you get bored.

On top of that there are too many young fresh college ladies or girls early in their career who will give you the same thing as long as you have the energy and endurance. Men should just stop paying hoes, stop sending fare, stop believing the lie that all women are a prize that you must put in incredible levels of effort to acheive.

10k will buy you stock for so many types of small business ventures. 100k is enough for investment in Tbills, or getting halfway to aquiring a licence for your own wines and spirits or a decent plot of land somewhere that’s a bit further from the urban centers but the plot will still reachable by good roads. A man who has a few side businesses like wines and spirits or retail, or has a few decent plots of land has invested in himself and can be far more proud of himself than the man who has thrown away hundreds of thousands of shillings for the experience of grinding against a loose overused hole. Every man needs to learn this lesson as soon as possible, before they wake up 10 years down the line asking themselves if all the commercial poonani was worth it when they could have been building wealth while still getting access to as much slices as they wanted by putting just a little effort in getting a few nice college ladies or even less effort in a singe mother.

Mara mnasema mimi ni @patco mara ni @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii when will you realise I am neither.

The day you admit that you are @uwesmake nde.

You assume everyone is a peasant like you and does not already have shares, tbill, bonds, money market investments, real estate, savings, bitcoin, side businesses, main businesses, side of the side business, and side of the side of the side business. There are levels to this game. Stick to your lane and worry about your problems and ull be fine. No need to try plan for others their money. There is a food chain in the animal kingdom with predators and scavengers. When the predators are done you as a scavenger can come in and play your role of katiaing the nice college girls who sponsors have already eaten the meat. Your role is important in having a balanced ecosystem so stick to your lane and let the others play their role. We have absolutely no problem sending fare, salon money, rent money, and so on.

I was going to say alot but i have realized sina kakitu master. I earn 500 a week, what can i do senior elder?

In the Internet everyone is a billionaire. Unataka kutuambia uko na hizo zote na uko hapa ukishtuka mtu akilipia pussy at 100k. Someone with all those businesses angekuwa akituuliza kati ya manzi brazilians na swedish wagani ni Watamu. Wacha kutubeba kihii.

Angusha hekaya elder we won’t judge.

Inakaa you have a hekaya of easy to get single mothers. Angusha hekaya.

I don’t pay for pussy in-fact am sad main hoe ameregea shule.

You buy pooosy?

People don’t pay for mboosy, they pay for convenience. For the single mothers or college girls, you’ll have to give them time and some attention. You don’t need to know how her day was or how she kosanad with Jackie and Stacy or deal with all the “small favours” that come with these other mamas. For P4P (pay for play), it’s a matter of a phone call, she turns up, you do your thing, pay her and off she goes. If you want a 3way or bdsm or whatever, hakuna kuanza kumconvince kama hawa wengine, it’s just a matter of price. As for quality, kama hujui pahali quality lalez wanapatikana hii Nairobi, baki hapo tu.

:D:D zile underwater sweeps ziko hapa…
Henyway, it depends on what you’re looking for in a woman, sijawahi elewa why some people don’t understand that relationships are about meeting each others needs, if you want a woman who will listen to you bitch about work and life and probably even wife tafuta women who can accommodate such kind of treatment like single mothers or even naive college girls na uwashughulikie vizuri, if you want to just bust a nut and leave then paying is the best, some women meet both needs, ni wewe you decide how to best meet your needs conveniently and consistently till you become old and mature enough to satisfy other needs that correspond to your age and station in life. It’s that simple, assume everyone needs this at some point in their lives and you won’t quarrel with others over petty relationships disagreements.