Spend enough time around psychopaths, and you’ll realize they’re amoral.

Interesting proposition: I don’t think Hitler was a psychopath. Much of the atrocities in recorded history were perpetuated by idealists. People who were convinced they were right, and didn’t even for one second consider the possibility they were wrong.

Nazism is one such example. Atrocities perpetuated in service of the “greater good.”

Nazism is morality taken to its furthest extreme. It entails absolute co-operation and solidarity with the ingroup, and hostility to outsiders.

A psychopath is the opposite of a nazi. He doesn’t identify with any group. He pledges solidarity to none.

A psychopath might stab a jew to death while robbing his jewelry store. But he would never ochestrate the gassing of all jews. He feels no solidarity with any one group.

A psychopath is devoid of empathy. Tribalism entails empathy to one group, and hostility towards outsiders.

Another interesting fact: The best surgeons are psychopaths. Never allow a surgeon who’s not a psychopath to operate on you.

This is a confused USIU mongoloid attempting to justify Hitler’s actions.

Notice how the fool tries to sanitize Nazism:

Then, the USIU donkey proceeds to justify Hitler’s mass murder:

To conclude his Nazi love letter, the Uncle Tom provides this stupid piece of advise:

@Tauren punguza pombe.

@Uzo acknowledge…

The reason why the 1800s,1900s,1700s had great people is because of the hardship people experienced. The weak were weeded out by diseases, famine, leaving the strong. These hardship made people mentally strong also. With the advancement in medicine and other luxuries, lots of weak people roamed the earth. Ati Mtu akona allergy ya peanut, akikula anakufa. Hitler wanted to eliminate the weaklings and remain with a pure race to him German was pure.

If we were to follow this premise, Stephen Hawking would have been dead way before 2018. What a loss that would have been, ehh?