Psychology 101: Women Support a Woman When Men Support That Woman

For those naysayers saying that Martha Karua got 43,000 votes in 2013 and couldn’t win the Kirinyaga seat in 2017, I have some news for you.

Women tend to support a woman when men back up that woman.

The reason Martha Karua didn’t win the Kirinyaga county governor seat is because she ran on Narc-Kenya ticket and Waiguru ran on Jubilee. Keep in mind that Waiguru was being supported by Uhuru and Ruto in 2017. Not to mention, Waiguru’s campaign team was a well-oiled machine with bigger financial muscle than Karua’s team. Despite that, Martha Karua still managed to get 40 percent votes in Kirinyaga.

The fact that Martha Karua is now backed up by Azimio will cause a ripple effect and influence most women in this country to vote for Raila-Karua.

Go research about most women leaders who made it to the top. They only gained a mass following of other women after they were backed up by men in power.


Umeffi analysis.

If women had a substantial influence in politics then there would be no women rep position.

The position was created to increase women representation in the government

Stick to lanyes wa 150.

Hujaelewa yeye…rudi ile section ingine where you are a respected connoisseur.

Weak ass political analyst