Is there any talker who is just happy? Sio Ile ujinga ya Ku post family outings pictures pale fb. Those who do that are so lonely. Is there any talker here who is happy with how his/her life is going? Majority here are just highly intelligent guys…drunkards,wanksters and hallucinators. Who lack that social fibre. Telegram lovers with no life. Anyone juu hata @Luther12 is fed up with life…a whole doctor whilst those classmates who went on to do MBCHB,specialized to be Obs/gyn,paediatrician…dentist etal. Huyu daktari wetu ako pale Embu general outpatient ward. Kazi Ni FTA Tu. This village is for the intelligent low esteemed motherfucking mortals. Ona Introvert…
…amekalia talent…Chieth


i am happy…


Just die in peace!


Are you?
No one is happier than myself. Love my God given life. What else can a girl wish for?


Noooo. This village is for the social misfits. Highly intelligent people with no life. Aki ya nani.

I’m very happy with my life as it is now! 3kids, 2wives n a biz that is feeding my family. wot more could you ask for??


The moment you start comparing yourself with others then you won’t be happy, am sure Luther is happy being a FTA guru and working in embu level 5 hospital outpatient ward, I am happy doing my shit…are you happy kdf ?


Let us post our source of happiness here. No need living a façade

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This old man has 20,000 comments in 6 months. Huyu msee ako Na life gani watu nguyas?

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me too

Any man standing with only ONE wife?

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Are you happy ankoli? Deep happy

Avarages 111 comments per day. True idler, preferably a manager in a government job analipwa pesa ya bure


Thank you for pointing out my intelligence… I don’t like to brag.

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Zero kids, Zero wives, Zero committed relationships, Zero tym remaining before i marry according to my colleagues and parents, zero related people that I am feeding, heavy business

I am happy as baba zero


@bjurmann you just described yourself.
you have no life, you are unhappy


did you mean most likely?


I am very happy,I work hard, I make good money, I take care of the fam, I have decent buddies, I get a lot of pussy- women are generally enthralled with me and my D and they line up hoping to get a piece of the beautifull genes, I’m trully blessed in that regard hehe-this should piss off some wankers, I am healthy and I look really good for a guy of my age and one who used to drink as much as I did, I post bs here to ward off boredom and I usually get a good chuckle out of it, it can’t get any better hehe.