Psycho lady boss

During one of my campus holidays I took a short-term gig with some company. My Immediate boss was a woman of Swahili decent called Aisha. Although Aisha was the geeky kind she was always dressed in a hijab.

For some reason she didn’t like me from day one. She insinuated I was a spoilt brat. Consequently, she would assign the most difficult tasks to me. No matter how well I did a task she always found a reason to reprimand me. Everyone at the office avoided her thanks to her frequent outbursts & snobbish behavior. She hardly interacted with other staff members.

A few days to the end of my contract one of my male colleagues tells me.

“Maish, you should meet Aisha for coffee and solve your issues. You never know you might need her recommendation in future.”

One Friday I ask her out. To my surprise she agrees. After work, we go to a nice restaurant for dinner. We end up at my place. It all seemed like joke considering how much she hated me.

So we are sitting in my balcony on 5th floor when I make a move. I reach for her lips. She reciprocates. We engage in a long passionate kiss, caressing and all till I couldn’t hold it any longer. I quickly undress her and throw away my clothes.

For a moment I stand in the balcony in awe, stark naked, admiring her flawless body. Everything about her body is exactly how I like it. Sizeable.

She says we can’t bang but she can suck me. I say why not.

I sit on tha small wall running around the balcony and grab the rails for support while she goes down on me. At first she uses her tongue to trace circles on my inner thighs, along the shaft then takes both balls in her mouth. There is how she plays with the balls while blowing warm air into them that makes it the best teabagging experience ever.

As she doing this her phone rings. She reaches for it. I didn’t get to see the caller I.D.

“You should Ignore it.” I suggest.

“No, I can’t.”

“How about we finish this then you can you call back while that is?”

“Sorry, I have to take this. It’s my fiance.”

She receives the call with the right hand while her left hand is still holding my manhood. It’s freaking cold so I focus all my energy in trying to maintain an erection.

After pleasantries she drops a bombshell.

“…listen I picked a random guy earlier today. I’m at his place right now and I need you to convince me not to fuck him.”

I have met lots of crazy women but she takes the top spot. So here I am with my magic stick in her hand as her twisted boyfriend tries to convince her not to screw me.

This goes on for half-hour. In between she breaks down confesses her love for the guy on the other end. Funny enough she never let go of my member all through. Finally, she disconnects the call.

“He failed to convince me.” She says nonchalantly before going ahead to give me record-breaking head.

We go for three rounds of adventurous coitus with breaks in between. After taking a shower and retreating to bed she sits on the other end of the bed and starts talking to me in such a condescending tone.

“Boy, don’t feel too sweet about yourself. I love my boyfriend with every bit of me. He’s got my heart. We are actually getting married. You, it’s only my body that’s attracted to nothing more. You are just a piece of meat I’m using to satisfy my desires. A dildo.”

Here I was thinking we would cuddle and probably stop the beef but she had other plans. She continues.

“Btw two weeks ago I did the same with *Steve. I sucked him dry.”

Steve was the boss.

“…Did you know you can tell what a guy eats from his cum? Like I can tell you don’t take lots of sugar. There is this time I screwed an Indian guy and he tasted pepper…”

“…Just do you know, you are the 10th guy I’m doing this to. Don’t ever think you are special.”

All this time I’m sitting there quietly cursing for getting myself into this mess.

Safe to say I never slept a wink that night lest she stabs be in my sleep till she left in the morning.

“Lose my number. Never bother to call me and if we ever meet I will act like I don’t know you.” Were her parting words.

That was the last time I ever saw her. Her phone was permanently switched off until I gave up trying to reach her. Ever since, I’m scared of swahili-looking women.

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Nime achia hapo kwa maish…sitambui kikuyu

@AishaAli Kujia nyama…

Those are the type of women you avoid. The ever bitter woman is a cancer

I can relate to some extent.

…bruh unajiibiabulsit!

An encounter with a female hyena

some guys won’t mind the adventure

I know some crazy ones likes this. Then again, everybody is crazy in their own way. It just manifests differently.

Wapi huko you were standing on the balcony butt naked… the burbs ama eastlando…hehehe kijana toa seeds, sticks and stems…

anza dawa za ukwimo

Keep trying to portray our muslim sisters in bad light

how come suddenly mumekumbuka madem waislamu mliwakula?

Hizi story zilikuwa wapi before???

Good fantasy, now wake up to reality and continue wanking to midget porn like you usually do

It is Muslim bitches season or did I miss something. Suddenly every talker has banged a cushite. Kuna mwingine alisema someone came to sijuu his chemist and next thing they are ferking :D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D nasty!

Hekaya ije

She is a talker and will definitely know it’s me. Let the sleeping dogs lie.

Pregnant imagination’s:D:D:D:D