Shrooms start from 2k a gram to 5k. Depending on the strain.
MDMA(ecstasy,molly)- 1500
LSD- 1500
Ketamine - 1500
THC pills -1000
Benzos- 1000
DMT - 3000
(Availabe on request: Hash,laughing gas,peace pills,xanax,codeine, blow)

You must be kidding me.


Thanks for the info, Officer.


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Hii pekee ndio naweza jaribu. Lakini only in Peru.

I have ayahuasca

Was strongly advised against trying it out ayshuasca schrooms if not from Peru. Apparently the 1st experience is the most revealing and memorable, subsequent experiences can never get you to your 1st experience. That in mind, sio maringo,nitachanga nipande kandege nijipate huko Peru kwa source. The experience costs about 30k depending on region. Hiyo iko kwa bucket list. Its said it can reboot your body and self heal any condition.

You’re actually right. It’s a deep esoteric and psychedelic drug and you shouldn’t really risk if you don’t want to. I was lucky to find a guide so i didn’t have to make the trip. But most definitely make sure you have the experience atleast once.

Hey nimetafuta hii kitu Sana . Point me in the right direction

Niletee promethazine

Telegram: Contact @tripsquad22

Telegram: Contact @tripsquad22

Xanax bro

How can I contact you please?

is your telegram still on?

Telegram: Contact @tripsquad22
Yeah it’s live

Yo u got an instagram?