Let the government not choke us with the so called Michuki rules. Let’s take a look at illegalities on both sides.

  1. The police are NOT allowed to get into a vehicle they have arrested. Yet they keep doing so.
  2. Your vehicle can only be towed with your consent, and you choose who towes it because you foot the bill. Our police have their own breakdown trucks that they force unto us.
  3. The police has no powers to confiscate a driver’s license. Just like any other legal document,only the courts have the power to confiscate and revoke any legal document upon a guilty verdict. It can only suspend it until judgement is passed. Our police confiscate them all the time.
  4. The police have no powers to order a driver to drop passengers midway over a driver’s offence. The driver should be booked and has to attend court within 24hrs of booking, then left to proceed with the journey.
    So my dear friends, what can we do about this?
    Let’s discuss other illegalities committed by the police in the name of enforcing traffic rules.

What is the common good VC? if one obeyed the law then the policeman would be left with no need to tango with you and everything would be better for all of us.

I have little sympathy for incorrigible PSV drivers or their pararira mabati contraptions, and even less sympathy for bodaboda scum of the earth.

kama wanataka tufuate sheria na wafuate pia even if they are the law

what about corrupt traffic officers who find faults even in a brand new car

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kama hawatafuata tuendelee kuuana? It is not about them…it is about our safety and welfare. Sad that we have to involve the police where we could all do the right thing to ensure our collective safety.

You have argued like you live in diaspora…try to adhere to the law,the charge sheet will say otherwise.

Mat drivers have gone rogue and they need to be tamed with urgency even if a few laws will have to be bent.

hizi human right zako jaribu kuambia kina @pamba kwa barabara , ndio utajua hujui, utapata uliwekewa makosa zingine hujui zilitoka wapi

Mutheu? @Meria Mata 's rig in the background?

Moving on,we do not know our rights nor do we know the law. And the cops,they know the law and know that few know their rights and the law. Based on that,they gleefully break the law and us,the stupid shitizens say hio ndo sheria…

I have even less respect for those uniformed thugs.

kama kukosa jumper na fire extinguisher

yeah , it might be minor but ukiwa kiherere utapata umejaziwa makosa kwa station, sijui obstruction etc

mimi they confiscated my DL,made me to drive them hadi their police station ,wakanikula pesa na nikajitoa kama nimekunja mkia all for overtaking them while they were in a private tinted vehicle.Entrapment.

heheehe, pole boss

Nilishikwa pale TRM nikiwa nimepark kwa hizo bumps, the thug cop smiled with me and told me, hee buda umeokolea pesa ya breakdown juu ya kukuja, we twende kasa juu mkubwa ameona gari ataelewa, kufika huko nikapewa hadi kiti ningoje mkubwa, nikaitishwa number ya gari, nikapeana, alafu kukaakaa nyangau ingine ikakuja ikauliza, afande huyu ni nani ako kwa ofisi ya wakubwa, nikamshow tulia, mara ya pili, na ya tatu, hao karao wengine wakaniruka wakamsho ni mahabusu… nilipata nimeingishwa hako karoom next hapo kwa DTO, jinga hadi ziliniandikia charge sheet na tukaitwa twende kotini, Thao tatu ilipotea hapo…mimi nikipata huyo karau akiomba lift ntamtemea mate…brary fwaken

Sometime ago nilishikwa pale kwa stalls huwa karibu na Garden City main entrance ati nimeobstruct (I was guilty coz I had just braked for someone to enter the car ). Karao madam akaingina gari akadai lazima twende kasa. Tukaenda hapo Kasa, nikaaandikwa kwa blackbook hapo kwa ofisi ya DTO na nikaambiwa nitoke nikatafute cash bail ya 5K. Legally, i think, they should write you an official document ndio ulipe cash bail (i’m not sure about this; but these legal procedures are very unclear which makes it hard for anyone to know how to approach such situations.) Anyways I was dead broke and i wasn’t about to start calling anyone to get 5K. So, along with everyone else who had been caught that day, nikatafuta 2K na nikaingina kwa hio ofisi ya DTO nikapata karao mzae mkikuyu na kmshow, “ndina 2k niukuoya thie kuria nguthiaga?”. Akanishow niketi na kuanza story irrelevant huku akiconfirm kama pesa ziko sawa. They wasted about 1.5 hours and I still ended up bribing them.
The most important problem is that people don’t know what the law says and how to approach such situations.
After that ordeal i downloaded the traffic act and read it from start to finish. Nikoana I would have paid 10K in courts if I went to court and pleaded guilty of obstruction. Of course in court I would plead not guilty so that Karao atoe evidence, but I’m not a lawyer or an expert in any of these matters.


Does my electric Nissan need a jumper ???:D:D:D:D